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Business School Concentrations

Unless you’ve had experience in the business world – through a parent, friend, or internship for example – the specific type of job you may want to pursue can be unclear and confusing. What does an accountant do? What are the options for individuals in an International Business major? How do I know whether my skills and interests would be a good fit? As part of this site, we provide articles that can help shed light on your options.

How to Pursue a Career in Business

Already decided you want to pursue a business career? Wondering how to become an accountant or how to become a sales manager using your business degree? Our How-To guides provide helpful information describing the requirements for many popular career paths in business – requirements like college courses, types of degrees, certifications and licensing, and types of experience.

The Highest Paying Jobs for Individuals with Business Degrees

If you’re pursuing a career in business, you’ll most likely be working long hours in a job that requires significant coursework and experience. You’ll want to make sure the job pays well. Which jobs pay the best? What are the highest paying jobs for business majors? What are the highest paying jobs for accounting majors? What will be expected of you in those jobs?

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