Top 30 Business Blogs of 2012

business-blogsAt Top Business Degrees, we’re big fans of blogs and blogging. With so many to choose from, where to begin?

We narrow down the choices for you with our picks for the Top 30 Business Blogs of 2012. The categories are separated by specific business related occupations.

General Business Information

1. Harvard Business Review: A place to glean from some of the greatest minds in business today. Use this site as a jumping off point to multiple sources of world class information.

Highlight: The Best Advertising is Sincere

2. Bloomberg Business Week: With articles covering a broad scope of business focused careers, this online magazine will help take your professional ventures to the next level.

Highlight: No CPR, and Six Other Terrible Workplace Policies

3. The Guardian: This UK based business blog gives an all-important international perspective on business news.

Highlight: Banking reform: should we ringfence the banks or break them up?

4. Business 360: Up to the minute news and videos on the international business climate. This site combines the medium of blogging with news reels and more.

Highlight: City With the Most Billionaires Is…

5. World Business Chicago: Hear from the staff of this Chicago based company on a variety of business based subjects such as operations and marketing.

Highlight: Turning Information into Visualization

Finance/Accounting Blogs

6. Financial Times: The business blog from the Financial Times offers information on strategy and managing from two of the newspaper’s associate editors, John Gapper and Andrew Hill.

Highlight: Why a dunce’s cap for bankers doesn’t fit

7. The Wealth Report: The Wall Street Journal brings you a fascinating look into the finances of super wealthy families.

Highlight: Do the Wealthy Work Harder Than the Rest?

8. Calculated Risk: Author Bill McBride gives daily information on the current financial situation in America. This site was picked by as the economic blog that you need to be following.

Highlight: Update: Seasonal Pattern for House Prices

9. Accounting Coach: A great starting point for someone looking to enter the field of economics. The blog covers topics for the novice student as well as for the seasoned expert.

Highlight: What is periodicity in accounting?

10. Grumpy Old Accountants: Two accounting professors, Anthony H. Catanach Jr. and J. Edward Ketz, started Grumpy Old Accountants to weigh in on their field of expertise. Ketz has stepped down from contributing, but Villanova University professor Catanach maintains this insightful blog.

Highlight: Guesstimating Credit Losses

Small Business/Entrepreneur Blogs

11. Young Entrepreneur: Find stories of young adults who are making it big in business and get advice on how you can do the same.

Highlight: How Today’s Young Female Entrepreneurs Embrace Their Feminine Mystique

12. Small Business Entrepreneur Blog: The founder and CEO of Axilus Services presents entrepreneurship interviews and relevant information on starting your own business.

Highlight: 5 Ways You Can Have More Work/Life Balance With The Internet

13. The Small Business Blog: Founded by CEOs of self-built small businesses, the small business blog is the place to find answers to your small business questions.

Highlight: Desperately Seeking Support For Your Business? 3 Tips For Finding It Without Blowing Your Budget!

14. Blogtrepreneur: This popular website guides you through the process of incorporating technology and social media into your business model to help make your start-up a success.

Highlight: How to Hire the Right Developer to Get Your Business off the Ground

15. Startup Nation: This blog, written by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, is committed to giving you all you need to know about starting your own business.

Highlight: 7 Press Release Sins – Are You Guilty?

PR and Marketing Blogs

16. PR Squared: Todd Defren brings you conversations about marketing and social media.

Highlight: Breaking Stuff Without Breaking The Bank

17. Chris Brogan: The CEO of Human Business Works and co-author of New York Times best seller “The Impact Equation” shares with you his best ideas and stories.

Highlight: Bring Immense Value to the Picnic

18. Holtz Communication and Technology: Accredited Business Communicator, Shel Holtz, brings 35 years of organizational communication experience to his blog readers. The site aims to better meld together business and technology.

Highlight: Blogs rise, social media investment levels off among the fastest growing companies

19. Strategic Public Relations: Detailing how you can use social media and the internet to grow your business.

Highlight: Content Marketing Lessons from Facebook, Twitter & Google

20. The Bad Pitch Blog: This award winning blog will keep you updated on all the inside news coming from the field of PR.

Highlight: Last Minute, Non-Profit Pitch Rakes in Coverage

Human Resources Blogs

21. HR Blogger: A resource website bringing together the best HR blogs into one place for your convenience.

Highlight:  About HR Blogger

22. Evil HR Lady: Suzanne Lucas will answer all of your HR questions and help you demystify your Human Resources Department.

Highlight: Does Telecommuting Hurt Your Career?

23. Good to Know: Get the inside scoop from job recruiters on how not to act when applying for a job.

Highlight: The Funny Things Candidates Send Us

24. Employment Law Information Network: This straightforward contribution is a must-read for any Human Resources representative looking into their legal rights.

Highlight: Supreme Court Holds That 3rd Party Retaliation Exists…But When?

25. Never Mind the Manager: A blog about leadership, coaching, motivation, and fun at work. Helping you help your employees reach their full potential.

Highlight: Employee Engagement and Motivation – You can’t afford it.

Sales Blogs

26. The Sales Blog: The chief officer of a staffing firm writes about adventures in the new art of sales and sales management.

Highlight: Be Exceptional at What Is In Your Control

27. Selling in the 21st Century: Business coach and sales consultant Rick Roberge offers his advice to those interested in becoming “21st Century Sales Rock Stars.”

Highlight: Sales/Goal Lesson from “Silver Linings Playbook”

28. Jeffery Gitomer’s Sales Blog: Expert advice and online training for anyone who is looking to make it in the field of sales. This is also a great place to look for webinars.

Highlight: Selling at any level. The only difference is YOU!

29. Sharon Drew Morgan: This visionary in the field of sales provides you with case studies and reviews to help guide your decision making skills.

Highlight: Selling In Harder Times

30. Score More Sales: This blog combines skills, tools, and stories to get you the sales revenue that you desire.

Highlight: Optimism Is Required in Sales