How to Become a Sales Manager

If sales is your thing and you’re looking for how to become a sales manager, continue reading.

Being involved in sales is a challenging job. What with so many products and services competing against each other today, one has to possess the right skills in order to excel in the field. And great rewards as well as a sense of fulfillment await those who persist in their job and who make it a point to advance in their education.

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A sales manager is one position with a high demand worldwide these days. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 12 percent increase in sales management jobs moving through 2016.

Companies that aim to gain profits from their products and services require efficient sales managers to ensure that their business offerings are marketed aggressively to their target audience and they meet their quotas. Other than the selling aspect, sales managers are also responsible for setting sales goals, formulating new strategies to reach the right customers, analyzing data and trends, supervising the sales representatives, organizing plans and achieving the organization’s target.

A professional in the field of sales should have strong communication and public relations skills. A bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, merchandising, advertising and public relations are most ideal. It would also be a huge help if you have some business background. Graduates who majored in English, accounting, liberal arts, psychology and sociology may also pursue a career as a sales manager.

While in college, it would be to your advantage to decide on a particular specialized area you’d like to work in after graduation. Keep in mind that sales spans various industries hence, having a focus on a certain area is strongly recommended. If your goal is to get into the health care industry, for instance, you need to take up some courses in nursing to learn about the terms and tools commonly used by hospitals and medical practitioners. Individuals with business school degrees as well as online business degrees are often considered for these positions.

Do take part in public speaking activities as well. Even in high school, you can start on this to build your self confidence particularly when in front of a lot people. Remember that to succeed in sales requires effective communication and frequent presentation of information within a company.

After completing your bachelor’s degree, you may not necessarily land a job as a sales manager. Most companies require several years of experience and advanced skills for the position. Initially, you may work as a sales staff or retail sales associate during which you can hone your skills and establish the right connections. Working for a large company is best if you wish to advance in your career later on.

A good way to move up to a higher position is by taking part in continuing education programs or pursuing advanced studies while working. As a sales manager, you will need additional knowledge in management, advanced sales strategies and promotional programs. Take advantage of the trainings provided by your employer, if any.

To add to your credentials, you may also take the certified sales executive exam. Although this is not compulsory for sales manager, it will help increase your chances of getting a job as a sales professional.

Now that you know how to become a sales manager, the next step is deciding if this might be the right career for you.

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