What is a Finance Degree?

This article answers the question What is a Finance Degree?

A degree in finance can help you pursue a rewarding and well compensated job. For an undergraduate study, one has a choice between an associate and a bachelor’s degree.

An Associate Degree in Finance normally takes two years to complete. Graduates of this program can work in entry levels at banks, accounting firms and other financial institutions.

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The Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, on the other hand, is a four-year program. This is often the main requirement set by most employers who seek a strong financial knowledge as well as numerical reasoning, analysis and technical skills from their applicants. If you’re passionate about obtaining a solid and in-depth financial background and skills, this degree is right for you.

If you have the right mathematical skills and you’re the inquisitive type of person, a finance degree may be right for you. It will enable you to gain knowledge in contributing to your future organization’s financial growth.

This degree program can be pursued today in various ways. One can take the traditional route of attending classes on campus or choose the distance learning method by enrolling in an online program. Working professionals often prefer the online program which they can complete conveniently at home.

The curriculum for most finance undergraduate degrees is aimed at providing students with the basic financial management tools that will help them analyze and implement important managerial decisions. Courses that may be included are on technology, ethics, critical thinking, problem solving, research methods and statistical analysis.

Graduates of finance degrees can look forward to a steady employment moving forward. As any organization will always be in need of a staff with financial knowledge, one can be assured of job security in the future. But although graduates can choose to seek employment in companies such as at a commercial or investment bank, insurance company, brokerage firm, or in a corporation, those who wish to set up their own business such as a financial planning agency or a consulting firm can freely do so.

Various positions are available today for finance degree graduates. Depending on their specialization, they have every opportunity to enjoy a rewarding career. Areas where they can find jobs are in personal financial planning, investment services, corporate and international financial management.

Financial analyst – This position entails researching the financial status of a client or organization. Analysts look into the history, risk tolerance, expenditures and investments of people and organizations and then recommend steps to help them achieve their financial goals. Financial analysts can specialize in credit, budget, investment, merger and acquisition, money market, ratings, tax and risk among others.

Financial planner – This professional helps individuals in planning for their future and requires interpersonal skills. An understanding of taxes, investments, estate planning issues and some listening skills are also required.

Money manager – This position involves holding bonds and stocks for institutional clients and requires a CFA certification. This professional should possess excellent proficiency in the latest and advanced quantitative methodology. Knowledge in fixed income investments and portfolio theory would also be most helpful.

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