What Types of Jobs are Available With an International MBA?

International MBAGlobalization has made it possible for many businesses to compete in international markets, and as a result business professionals find that there is a growing number of jobs available with an international MBA. Top schools in the United States (U.S.) like Harvard University, University of Pennsylvania and Colombia University still have some of the best reputations in the world for graduating business leaders who are prepared to compete on the international stage. However, students who want to add some real international flavor to their academic experiences and get the most for their money often head to Europe and Asia for graduate school. Challenging careers for international MBA graduates are found across all industries whether one chooses to attend international MBA programs at Stern Business School at New York University or INSEAD Business School in France. Here are some of the career options available to international MBA graduates.

Administrative Services Manager

Companies that decide to operate in overseas markets need business leaders like administrative services managers to plan, coordinate and facilitate the supportive infrastructure needed for smooth company operations. For example, administrative services managers help these organizations to locate appropriate office space, warehouses and other facilities that are best suited for the company’s work, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They also arrange and oversee the set up and maintenance of telecommunication and computer systems for international businesses. Administrative services managers also use information management and bookkeeping skills in their day to day tasks. These professionals can use their global business skills and valuable contacts in the familiar environs of their home countries when they work for international businesses that have foreign home offices. Alternately, administrative services managers who have foreign language skills can be hired to serve in other countries as representatives for businesses that have headquarters in their native countries.

International Management Consultant

Management consultants are employed by numerous businesses to analyze their infrastructure and support operations. The results of their work are often improved quality, increased staff efficiencies and reductions in the costs of doing business. International management consultants combine their knowledge of business theory from a variety of areas like human resources, finance and marketing with industry expertise that is specific to the markets in which they serve. Whether these business professionals work in their countries of origin or in foreign markets, they apply the intercultural communication skills to their work tasks that they have developed through years of experience and academic study.

International Trade and Customs Manager

Many businesses want to participate on the international stage, but they do not want to set up physical offices in new markets. They are instead interested in import and export opportunities with international partners, but they need help to navigate through the bureaucracy relating to the unique trade regulations and customs requirements in international markets. International trade and customs managers can give advice about the best ways to bring products to market in other countries; many times they are aware of exemptions and free trade zones that could result in significant cost savings over time for the organizations that they represent.

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Besides solid business and technical skills, one’s international business school selection is very important when considering future career moves. For example, U.S. based students who know that they want to work overseas should consider International MBA programs that are geographically near their desired employment markets. This will give them the best chance for gaining jobs available with an international MBA near the area where they want to live and work.