What Types of Jobs are Available with an MBA in Accounting?

MBA in AccountingBefore you spend the money earning a Master of Business Administration degree, you should find out what the types of jobs available with an MBA in Accounting are. A bachelor’s degree majoring in accounting is designed to prepare you for entry-level roles as you build a foundation of knowledge in general areas and in the discipline. Following graduation, you will seek employment and hopefully get professional experience with a private accounting firm, a corporation, a small business or even a government agency.

As you get work experience, your focus becomes more about advancing your career. While there are many ways to do this, for those who want to become leaders earning an MBA is a great choice. Read more about what an MBA in Accounting prepares you for and the types of jobs you will be qualified for and then you can decide if investing your time and money into being an MBA student is wise.

What is an MBA in Accounting?

As you compare all of the advanced degree programs that you can take, you might begin to wonder exactly what an MBA in Accounting is and how it differs from a Master of Accountancy. A Master of Accountancy is a terminal degree program that focuses entirely on accounting coursework and an MBA program focuses on business at its core and adds in specialized accounting courses, according to the GMAT website.

The coursework that you take as an MBA student will be upper-level business subjects like marketing, management, strategic planning, finance, economics and more. In addition to these courses, you will take advanced accounting, auditing, information systems, commercial law and financial accounting theory. The entire purpose of the program is to make you a well-rounded professional who is ready to work in a global business environment as a leader or manager.

What Types of Jobs Can You Apply to with Your MBA?

After you have set aside 18 to 24 months to earn an MBA with a concentration of accounting you are ready to dive into professional life. You cannot just assume that earning an MBA is the best track for you before you find out about the career possibilities and opportunities that will exist once you walk the line. While it is not really possible to list every single title that you could hold, when you have your accounting MBA you will be able to land management-level accounting positions as a finance officer, a financial analyst, a tax accountant, a financial consultant, an internal auditor, an accounts payable manager, a controller, and more. Some of the titles may not even be in the field but having the experience with accounting will give you a push.

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Whenever you are going to return to school, spend money on tuition, and pump the breaks on starting your career to earn an MBA you need to know that the degree will pay off. This is why you should research what your potential salary will be after graduation before you set your sights too high. The average MBA graduate will earn $55,779 with less than 4 years of experience, according to Business Insider. This figure rises as you gain experience and advance your title. If you are willing to spend the time and money in school and want some of the types of jobs available with an MBA in Accounting, then it is time to find a business school.