Resource Guide for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

Business drives the world, and the world of business is massive. The complicated and diverse world of international and even local business can be overwhelming for those pursuing a Bachelor of Business degree if they do not have one specific aspect to hone in on. There are countless resources available to business students and business professionals alike that offer a variety of perspectives and insights about the all encompassing world of business. The goal of this business resource guide is to list the best, most prominent of those resources. We have lists of journals, websites and magazines, conferences, research organizations and think tanks, and prominent blogs along with short descriptions of each to help you find the resources that will meet your needs.

Journals, Websites, and Magazines

Business Journal Inc.: The website for Business Journals Inc, a company that publishes twenty-eight custom magazines and five business to business journals.

Harvard Business Publishing: Harvard Business Publishing is a wholly owned subsidiary of Harvard University. Harvard Business Publishing serves the needs of educational institutions, corporations and independent managers. Their primary publication is the Harvard Business Review.

Ivey Business Journal: The Ivey Business Journal is a management focused journal from the Richard Ivey School of Business and features progressive articles from world leaders in management.

L.A. Business Journal: A Los Angeles focused weekly journal that keeps L.A. businesses and business people apprised of news, events and other information pertinent to the L.A. business community.

Inc: Inc. is a print magazine and website with topical articles that span every aspect of entrepreneurship from startup to running, managing and marketing your business.

Entrepreneur: Another print magazine with corresponding website, Entrepreneur Magazine is one of the best resources available for anybody starting a business or thinking about it.

Forbes: One of the major business magazines in the world encompassing Forbes, Forbes Life, and Forbes Asia. Forbes is one of the top resources for news, analysis and commentary on international business.

Business Week: Business Week, a Bloomberg L.P. company is one of the primary methods by which its parent company executes its mission; to provide up to the minute quality information and analytics to business professionals worldwide.

Fast Company: Fast Company offers a unique focus on innovation, technology, ethical economics (ethonomics) leadership and design. Fast Company seeks to distill the knowledge of business leaders and innovators for its readers.

The Economist: The Economist was founded in 1843 to support free trade. The top publication for those looking for fact based editorials about the effect of economic policy on business.

Money Magazine: CNN Money covers the larger picture in the business world and incorporates news and analysis for business professionals, and articles on financial strategy, money management techniques and other issues.

Sports Business Journal This global journal covers the world of sports business and publishes the two leading daily trade publications that cover the business of sports.

Conferences and Trade Shows A comprehensive website that lists thousands of business conferences around the world divided by discipline, covering all categories and sub-categories of the business world.

American Business Conferences: This company produces business conferences covering everything from technology innovation to resource management, sustainability, business strategy and marketing.

Opportunity Green: A conference focused on englightening attendees about sustainable green practices and innovation that will allow businesses to embrace the cutting edge, outside the box technology behind sustainability.

IQPC: A worldwide conference organizer with conferences running the gamut from the food and beverage industry to mining, telecoms, infrastructure, defense and more.

Inc Events: Inc runs several conferences throughout the year focused on company growth, leadership, and business ownership. Inc also has its own business awards ceremony.

The Conference Board: The Conference Board is a global association devoted to business research and working in the public interest. They have conferences with a variety of themes.

Sports Business Daily: A global journal that is devoted to sports business news; Sports Business Daily also holds many conferences every year with the goal of advancing the business of sports.

Growthcon: Entrepreneur Magazine’s annual Growthcon is a conference devoted to helping entrepreneurs of all stripes grow their businesses and achieve success.

Research Organizations and Think Tanks

Women’s Business Research: A research organization devoted to providing woman business owners with data driven knowledge that will advance the impact of them as individuals and their businesses as a whole across the board.

SustainAbility: This think tank and strategic advisory firm is devoted to advancing the sustainable philosophy among businesses in a way that will be beneficial to the businesses themselves and society as a whole.

AEI: The American Enterprise Institute is a private, non-partisan, non-profit, think tank devoted to the cause of liberty, individuality and free enterprise. AEI also seeks to educate on government, politics and economics.

IEA: The U.K. based Institute of Economic Affairs is a research organization that produces reports, books, and papers on all areas of economic policy. Their policy experts often contribute to newspapers and consult for other media outlets.

Brookings: Brookings has been ranked the #1 most influential, think tank in the world in a University of Pennsylvania based report. The think tank conducts research, comments on economic policy, and serves myriad other purposes.

The Cato Institute: The Cato Institute is a public policy think tank devoted to individual liberty and free markets. Cato is one of the top sources for a conservative approach to economic policy.

CEPR: The Center for Economic and Policy Research was established in 1999 with the goal of providing a forum for discussion and debate on the most important social and economic issues of today.

ERC: Britain’s oldest economics think tank, the Economic Research Council’s focus in on extending the influence of economic education throughout the country and the world.

The Peterson Institute for International Economics: This international economics research institute is one of the formost research firms in international economics. IEE analyses the economic state of economies in all stages of development.

UFE: United for a Fair Economy is a national, independent, non-partisan, non-profit think tank devoted to educating people on the ideal that concentrated wealth and power undermine the economy.


APICS: The Association for Operations Management is the leading association for operations and supply chain management worldwide. APICS offers superior, internationally recognized training and a worldwide professional network.

GBCHealth: GBCHealth is committed to harnessing the power of the international business community with the goal of building a healthier world. The organization uses the combined power of members to address international health issues.

GMIC Global: The Green Meeting Industry Council has a unique and specific focus. This focus is primarily achieving sustainability in the many thousands of business conferences and meetings.

WORLDCOB: The World Confederation of Businesses is one of the leading associations in the global business community. WORLDCOB is committed to excellence in providing education and resources the executives and businesses worldwide.

The Carbon Collective: An association devoted to government and business working together in synergy to explore opporunities in limiting human impact on climate change and to develop solutions that benefit both the environment and businesses.:

National Business Association: This non-profit association is committed to the ideal of helping the self employed and small business community achieve success and realize their professional goals.


Harvard Business Review Blogs: This is the blog portion of the Harvard Business Review website. The site links to blog posts from the HBR community and provides readers with a centralized location from which they can access posts of interest.

CNN Business Blogs: CNN has a network of business bloggers and this is the main page of that network which links to the blog postings of the individual bloggers ensuring that users have access to up to date and relevant posts.

Consumerism Commentary: Consumerism Commentary is a blog devoted to personal financial principles and strategies to enable people to embrace lifestyle ideals that can significant increase their financial potential both personally and professionally.

Duct Tape Marketing: This is a small business marketing blog attached to a marketing and consulting firm that specializes in small business marketing strategies. The blog was chosen as Forbes magazine’s favorite marketing and small business blog.

Biz Sugar: This is a business blog website that tracks blogs and posts all updates from relevent blogs in one convenient place. Blogs range from marketing-centric to blogs on the benefits of cold calling and more.

Business Blogs Hub: This blog site has a long list of business bloggers (each with their own bio), it posts the most relevent and popular posts to the main page and you can select any author that writes an article you appreciate and find other articles by them.

Young Entrepreneur Blogs: This is a blog network for up and coming entrepreneurs to give and seek advice on the best methods for starting and maintaining a successful business.

Entrepreneur Magazine Blogs: This network of business blogs from Entrepreneur Magazine offers some very good advice in regard to starting and running your own business.

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