Purdue University Global

Purdue University Global is also featured in our ranking The Top 10 Online Business Degree Programs and Business Schools.

Purdue University Global is a for-profit chain of schools that operate online and in select locations. Purdue University, which operates multiple campuses in Indiana, announced in 2017 that it would acquire all Kaplan University branches. The university wanted to expand outside of the state and to offer more programs for working adults and other nontraditional learners. Both the traditional campuses once owned by Kaplan and its online learning network will use the name Purdue University Global in the future.

Prior to the acquisition, Kaplan employed more than 3,500 professors and support staff. Its total enrollment included more than 30,000 learners. Some of those students took classes on campuses in Wisconsin, Maine, Indiana and other states, but the majority of Kaplan students enrolled in online programs. Purdue University expects enrollment across all campuses and in the online programs to only grow in the coming years as more students go back to school.

Purdue Global Business Programs

Purdue University Global, formerly known as Kaplan University, offers 15 different programs online for students with an interest in business. Not all of these programs are degree programs though. Some award students a certificate rather than a degree. Graduate certificates programs are open to students who have either an undergrad or a graduate degree. They can study human resources, project management or accounting. The university also offers two associate degree programs that help students earn an Associate of Applied Science in either Accounting or Business Administration.

Many of the more popular online degree programs available through this university allow students to earn a bachelor’s degree. Purdue offers Bachelor of Science degrees in Accounting, Business Administration and Finance. The business administration program features different concentrations such as information management systems, management, marketing, real estate and project management. Students can also choose a concentration in new media and internet marketing to learn more about marketing for the web.

Purdue now offers some programs through its ExcelTrack, which allows students to personalize their degree plans. They can earn credits for some of the real life experiences that they have, which helps them earn their degrees faster. Students can also enroll in the university’s Master’s Degree in Business Administration. This program features concentrations in health care management, human resources, finance, project management, marketing and information technology.

Though these programs are all available online, Purdue University also offers more traditional degree programs. The university operates a number of campuses across the country. Many of those campuses are in business parks and other convenient locations. Students also have the option of taking some classes on a local campus and then taking the rest of their classes online.


Purdue University Global Accreditation Details

Though Purdue Global is primarily an online school, it has more accreditation than other online schools have. The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) offers primary accreditation to the university. This gives students the chance to apply for the financial assistance that they need. Purdue Global also has accreditation for many of its degree programs too. All its business degree and certificate programs at the associate, bachelor and master levels have accreditation from the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP).

Purdue University Global Application Requirements

The application process that Purdue uses starts with the student requesting more information. An adviser will contact the student and provide that individual with resources such as a demo video that shows the student what the university’s online classes are like. Students will then need to meet with an admissions adviser. This appointment allows the student to explain what he or she wants to study and when the student plans to start the program. The adviser will go over all financial aid options, explain what the university expects of the student and help the student actually apply.

Purdue asks for an unofficial transcript to see what classes the student took in the past, which helps adviser determine what courses the student will need to take after enrolling. The transcript also helps the university determine if the student qualifies for any credits based on their professional experiences. Undergrads can then apply for financial aid and sign enrollment documents that let them enroll in the programs they want to study. Graduate students may need to provide a resume or meet other application requirements. Purdue Global does not require that graduate students take an exam like the GRE.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Purdue Global University charges different tuition rates based on whether students enroll in a graduate or undergrad program. The standard tuition rate for undergrad programs is $371 per quarter credit hour. Those enrolled in an ExcelTrack program pay $2,200 each term. Military students cannot enroll in these programs, and military dependents who receive tuition discounts cannot use those discounts in one of these programs. The university charges the same rate for students enrolled in an associate degree program. All the graduate business programs that Purdue Global offers charge a tuition rate of $485 per quarter credit hour. This includes all business certificate programs. Its MBA program is available as part of its ExcelTrack, which costs $1,550 per term.

Though Purdue Global allows students to apply for financial aid, they cannot use federal aid during their first semesters. The university calls incoming students conditional students. Only those who successfully pass their first semester of work can enroll full-time in the university and receive a full financial aid package. Purdue Global accepts grants and loans that come from the federal government. While undergrads can use subsidized student loans, graduate students will need to use unsubsidized loans. Students can also apply for private loans.

New students can use the Purdue Global website to apply for financial aid. They can also use the site to sign any required loan documents. Purdue will work with students who receive tuition reimbursement from their employers. It also offers discounts for military students and the dependents of those students. Both spouses and children of veterans and currently enlisted military personnel qualify for tuition discounts at Purdue University Global.