Highest Paying Jobs for Business Majors

If you’re wondering where to find the highest paying jobs for business majors, continue reading.

Professionals with a business degree have the most advantage in terms of securing a job that pays well. They have every opportunity to work in any type of industry after completing a degree from an accredited educational institution.

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Whether they find a job in the private, public or non-profit organization, those possessing a business major can enjoy a rewarding experience moving forward. In addition, they can go up the corporate ladder as they gain experience and pursue advanced studies.

The U.S. Department of Labor has created a list of the top business jobs that pay the highest. The positions are mostly in the management level.

CEO – A chief executive officer has an average annual income of $160,440. This professional is in charge of monitoring business operations and holds the highest rank in the organization. Their main tasks include making important decisions and managing the vital aspects of the company. Their responsibility spans financing, human resources, marketing, sales, public relations, hiring employees and compliance with safety regulations.

Marketing manager – This professional earns $118,160 annually and is responsible for planning, organizing and promoting businesses. Marketing managers need to have strong analysis skills as they find ways to meet the advertising needs of customers. Among their specific tasks are in developing products, pricing and promoting them to gain profits and increase investments.

Agents and business manager – People who represent and manage artists, athletes and performers can earn an average of $101,220 each year. The work of an agent is focused on promoting their talents. As they’re the ones who negotiate for a contract on behalf of their clients, they also earn commissions.

Personal financial advisor – This position can provide a yearly income of $92,970. The main responsibility of a financial advisor is to help clients manage their finances whether for the short or long term. They guide people in their investments, retirement planning, insurance coverage and debt management.

Management analyst – This position has an earning potential of $82,920 every year. A management analyst plays a key role in solving the problems of an organization. The main responsibilities of this professional include researching, proposing and predicting the outcome of a particular action all in effort to improve the efficiency and profits of the company.

Financial Examiner – This professional can earn an average yearly income of about $78,180. His main responsibility is to ensure that the company complies with the laws and regulations particularly in relation to transactions that deal with investments, finances and real estate. Some of their vital tasks are to determine that company records are authentic and that all transactions are legitimate.

Human Resource Manager or Specialist – The Bureau of Labor Statistics considers this position as one of the top 10 highest paying jobs with a yearly income of $58,230. This professional is in charge of recruiting, teaching, motivating and retaining qualified employees. They are skilled in selecting, interviewing and hiring qualified job applicants who can contribute to the growth of the organization. They make sure that employees are efficient and are given the right compensation and other benefits.

Now that you know where to find the highest paying jobs for business majors, we wish you good luck if you seek to obtain a position in one of these fields.


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