How to Major in Business

Knowing how to major in business and choosing a business degree in college should not be that difficult notably if you know your skills and you’re determined to pursue a career in that field. Those with business majors can look forward to a bright future and job security as companies and organizations continue to be in need of professionals skilled and knowledgeable in the various aspects of business.

Before you decide on what degree to pursue in your tertiary education, a career guidance session with a school counselor in the junior and senior years of high school would be most helpful. A career counselor can help evaluate your strengths and weaknesses, provide you with the best options on the most suitable degrees for you and assist you in making the right choice. Normally, the knowledge and skills you possess will be taken into account to find out if they match a particular college degree that you’re considering.

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On your own, you can also do some self assessment. Ask yourself if you’re good or you excel in solving problems, you’re comfortable working with numbers, you know how to operate a computer and if you have strong communication and leadership skills. If you have these basic skills, then a business major might be ideal for you.

When it comes to business degrees, there are many to choose from today. These include business administration, management, marketing, finance, entrepreneurship and accounting. Each discipline covers specific courses the reason why you need to know which field you want to work in after graduation.

Undergraduate business degree programs today are not just limited to business-related courses. Their scope is broader these days than in the past hence, students can expect to obtain a balanced education particularly from accredited schools that provide quality instruction.

A bachelor’s degree program that normally takes four years to complete provides general education courses in the first two years. These may include sociology, psychology, calculus, accounting, economics, computer, communications and statistics. Some core subjects that may already be included are finance, marketing, operations management and organizational behavior.

The last two years of a bachelor’s degree program are usually focused on the major courses. Research and internship may also be vital requirements for completion.

Business graduates can expect to work right away after graduation. There are various jobs in different organizations they can get into such as an entry level manager, market researcher, public relations representative, assistant product manager, sales representative or administrative assistant.

Work experience is crucial hence, it is recommended that fresh graduates try to stay for several years in the company they’re working for before moving on to another company or pursuing advanced studies. If they can’t get a full time job as soon as they want to, they can always settle for a part time job in an effort to gain experience in their chosen field. Having part time jobs and getting involved in volunteer work during the college years are also helpful.

Among the new graduates, reports claim only about 10 to 15 percent immediately enroll in a graduate degree program particularly a master’s in business administration (MBA). Many pursue advanced studies while they’re holding a certain position mainly due to their goal of going up a step higher in their job position.

Now that you know how to major in business, keep in mind that with a business major you have every opportunity to enjoy a satisfying career that pays well and provides great benefits moving forward.

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