Top 5 Internships for Business Majors

This article is about the Top 5 Internships for Business Majors.

An internship is a major requirement for students majoring in business. This is a vital component of the degree program that students need to complete in order to graduate.

This course program enables students to be exposed to the real work environment and professionals as a way to gain additional knowledge and experience. This also prepares them for their future work as they gain insight into the business strategies and operations of an organization. A certain number of hours is normally required for an internship depending on the business major one is pursuing.

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As students report to work in an office setting, they are provided with an opportunity to meet the executives and learn from them as well as get involved in what goes on in a particular organization. They may also be asked to contribute to the decision making process when necessary.

In some cases, an internship program may pay a certain compensation for students. This will depend on the arrangement made between the school and the company.

Internships in the New York area provide a great opportunity for students to work in investment companies particularly in Wall Street. The focus here is usually on a particular business discipline although it is also possible to gain a broader work experience.

In the areas of Chicago, Dallas, Northern California and St. Louis, internship programs cover the retail, natural resources, technology and manufacturing industries. Regardless of the business major, there is always an opportunity to gain knowledge and skills through practical work experience.

For the year 2011, ranked the top internship programs for business majors. They evaluated hundreds of programs and recommended the top 10 that they think will provide students with an overall experience. Among the factors they took into account are availability of mentors, involvement of interns, work culture, career advancement opportunities, compensation and other incentives.

Boston Consulting Group – This is a global general management company with offices in 39 countries. It works with individuals and organizations, providing professional advice and conducting research and analysis in a variety of fields. Interns in this company are required to assume an associate position and should be involved in client contact. Majority of interns here are offered full time associate positions after graduation.

Capital Fellows Programs – Interns at Capital Fellows Programs are referred to as fellows. They serve as assistants to the senior executive branch staff, officials of the judicial administration, members of the California Senate and Assembly as well as to legislative committees. Interns may also receive compensation.

Deloitte LLP – Internship programs here are paid and students work together with full time employees. They are involved in servicing clients in the areas of audit, tax, advisory, consulting and financial advisory. Interns are also provided with training courses on their specific roles during the program.

Garmin International – Interns in Garmin are involved in a variety of engineering tasks such as in software, electrical and mechanical engineering, design, aviation systems as well as process and component. Most interns are usually offered full time employment.

Google, Inc. – Interns with a background in computer engineering are involved in a variety of tasks. These include creating logos and conducting research. They have a golden opportunity to learn about Google’s works that impact the world.

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