Can You Get a Degree in Project Management?

Individuals who are ambitious and want leadership roles often consider potential degrees in project management. The good news is that project management programs are offered at various degree levels, and some are even offered as online/hybrid programs. Project managers are individuals who design or create projects, put together all aspects of the project plan and put together a team to complete the project. Here is information on degrees in project management.

Associate Degree in Project Management

Because project managers typically must have at least a bachelor’s degree in project management, there aren’t really many project management programs at the associate degree levels. If an individual is interested in a career in project management but can only complete an associate degree for whatever reason, he or she might consider an associate degree in construction management or business information technology. These programs offer many courses that are applicable to project management.

Bachelor’s Degree in Project Management

The bachelor’s degree in project management is the degree most commonly chosen by aspiring project managers. Project managers are often employed in manufacturing, insurance, healthcare, architectural and engineering, business and information services, and finance so students have various bachelor’s degree program from which to choose. Bachelor’s degree programs generally take four years to complete unless they’re an online or hybrid program, which can be completed in more or less time.

Course topics in this program include inventory control, management of demand forecasting, quality control, supply chain management, production planning and logistics. Graduates of bachelor’s degree in project management program often find the following careers available.

  • General Project Manager – This project manager handle various parts of a company project, including coordination, timeline, budget, task assignments and resource.
  • Manufacturing Project Manager – This project manager acts as a liaison between the clients and the manufacturer and ensures the customer’s needs are met while being in compliance with safety rules.
  • Operations Project Manager – This project manager communicates with workers and management, administers budget allocations, develops reports, and makes sure deadlines are met.

Graduates can also obtain certification through the Project Management Institute if they meet education and work requirements and pass the certification exam. Although project management careers are offered in so many areas, many of the positions require years of work experience.

Master’s Degree in Project Management

Master’s in Project Management programs, which usually require completing 30 to 45 credits, can be completed in one to two years. Some schools may require the applicant have some work experience. Project management programs at the graduate level are offered on campus and online. Course topics in the programs include planning and scheduling; organizational behavior; risk analysis; cost estimation and financial considerations; and project quality assurance. Depending on the program, students may be able to choose from the following areas of specialization.

  • Construction management
  • Supply chain management
  • Global management
  • Clinical trial design
  • Information security management
  • Enterprise architecture

Completing graduate-level programs in project management generally put candidates in positions to find the best career opportunities. Graduates of the master’s degree programs may find careers in construction, information technology, engineering and pharmaceuticals.

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Although the location, work experience and education can all play a role in determining wages, reports that project managers earned annual wages that range from $70,000 to $140,000 as of May 2018. U.S. News & World Report reported that the Project Management Institute predicts an increase of 2.1 million project management jobs nationwide from 2017-2027. It goes without saying that candidates with degrees in project management may find excellent and very lucrative career opportunities.