Can You Get an MBA in Accounting?

MBA in AccountingThere are several different Master of Business Administration concentrations that you can choose from when you are applying to school, and one of these is the MBA in Accounting. If you are an undergraduate student, or it has been quite some time since you earned your bachelor’s degree, planning for the advancement of your education is crucial to advance your career in the field. There are several different paths that you can venture down to learn advanced accounting theory or to develop your technical skill set. Read on so that you can decide if concentrating a business degree in accounting is the right plan.

What Does an MBA Program with a Concentration in Accounting Teach?

An MBA is an advanced degree, but an advanced degree that focuses on general business content instead of focusing strictly on a single subject or discipline. This is what separates an MBA with a concentration in Accounting from a Master of Accounting (MAcc) program. If you were to choose an MBA over an MAcc program, you would complete curriculum that primarily focuses on business and also covers advanced accounting and management subjects.

The purpose of taking an MBA is to become a well-rounded business professional who is ready for a leadership or executive role. Because of this, all MBA programs will cover the traditional business areas. In addition to these foundation courses, you will learn about taxation, advanced financial accounting, auditing, and more. Some schools have more internationally or globally focused curriculum that is perfect for students who are planning to work in a global environment.

Who Should Take an Accounting MBA Program?

MBA programs are not for everyone. Due to the fact that tuition can be so expensive in graduate school, finding the right major and the right type of degree is essential. If you are planning to work in forensic accounting or another technical area of the discipline, earning your MBA may not be the best route for you. Even though a Master of Accounting (MAcc) and an MBA in Accounting take about the same length of time to complete, upon graduation each degree will open different types of doors.

A MAcc degree is best suited for people who want to launch their career in accounting beyond just an entry-level occupation. If you want to show that you are an expert in the field by earning your CPA certification, getting your MAcc first is ideal so that you can boost your accounting knowledge faster than you would by getting work experience. If you already have professional experience and would like to advance your career while you learn to deal with global issues, an MBA in Accounting is a better choice, because you will learn more real world issues. Each degree will pay off, but the payoff for an accounting MBA tends to be greater in the long run, according to Young Money.

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Earning an advanced degree majoring in accounting is a a major decision. You really must put thought into the decision that you make surrounding the school that you attend and even the elective courses that you take. Make sure to take time to search for accredited institutions that have earned their accreditation through an organization like the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. This will give you peace of mind in knowing that the curriculum offered meets high standards. Start to research the MBA in Accounting program offered by reputable schools, and then you can make the right choice.