How Can I Make Myself Stand Out from Other Business Graduate School Applicants?

Getting into a graduate school is not easy. Every school has its own strict set of standards and admission requirements, and most applicants are highly-qualified and extremely competitive. So how do you stand out from the crowd when everybody has a high GPA, excellent standardized test scores, and a ton of working experience? The key to making yourself memorable is to stand out during the interview.  According to  US News, here are some tips to keep in mind when trying to impress the interviewer if you want to attend the graduate business program of your dreams.

Show Off Your Personality

When choosing the best candidate for a graduate business program, interviewers will pay attention to all aspects of the interviewees. From their looks and dress to their answers to questions and body language, every bit of information that can be picked up by the interviewer will help in the decision-making process.

Your personality will shine during the interview in several major ways. The first thing that the interviewer will notice is your friendliness. First impressions count, and if you come in introducing yourself with a lot of enthusiasm and energy, you’ll start off on the right track. Secondly, your posture can say a lot about yourself. Sitting high in your seat, making lots of eye contact, smiling and nodding, and not fidgeting or shaking your legs are all examples of what to do during an interview. The goal is to show off your confidence and professionalism.

Finally, your personality can be seen through the way you answer your questions. Many people like to give cookie-cutter answers suggested from how-to sites, but those don’t really say anything about you. Answer the questions truthfully, and don’t be afraid to elaborate or give examples. Short and sweet is not always the best way to do things because interviewers can detect your passion in your detailed answers and excited manner of speech.

Tell a Personal Story

One of the most effective ways to show off your personality is by sharing a personal story. When explaining your past experiences to the interviewer, for example, bring up short personal narratives that describe why you chose to make certain decisions or get involved in certain activities. In response to a question asking why you want to be involved in business, you could say that your great grandfather started a family business that’s still running to this day and that you want to continue the tradition, for example. Little stories like that give interviewers a little background about you and make them feel a stronger connection to you. Sharing personal stories is an effective method of displaying your drive, passion, and true self.

Explain Your Life Philosophy and Ultimate Career Goal

To understand how you would fare as a student in a graduate business program, interviewers need to see past your professional self. They want to see the real you and the whole you. They want to understand your values, morals, culture, interests, and more. Most of all, they want to understand why you want to be in the field of business. What do you hope to achieve in the future? Do you hope to become a world-renowned entrepreneur and mogul? Do you want to take over the family business? Do you want to do something greater in the world for the benefit of others? Do you want to create a revolutionary product or service? What brings you satisfaction in life? These are all questions that you should be able to answer so that interviewers can get a glimpse into your heart and soul.

Personality is something that is very important in the world of business. Those who are friendly, outgoing, charismatic, charming, and unique will likely be more successful in an industry where marketing means everything. You if can really sell yourself using your personality traits, you’re made for business. It doesn’t hurt to be physically attractive either.