How Much Work Experience Do I Need in Order to get into a Good MBA Program?

There are a variety of different MBA programs to choose from offering a variety of specialty programs to students who are interested in earning their MBA. Once you earn your Bachelor’s degree, you will need to enter the workforce and gain experience to improve your chances of getting into one of the top MBA programs in your area. While not all programs require work experience, most institutions offering good MBA programs will require anyone submitting an application to have practical experience along with experience in the workforce. There are a variety of different ways that you can fulfill this experience requirement. Read on to learn how on-the-job experience, internships, and volunteering can all help you get accepted into a top MBA program.

Internships Completed As an Undergraduate

Many institutions require that undergraduates actually complete a short internship before they can actually earn their degree. When you complete an application for admissions into an MBA program, be sure to include the experience you have gained through any internships for consideration. You should know that not all MBA programs will apply the time you have spent as an intern as credit towards work-related experience. With this being said, showing that you took the time to build your skills and learn about your career can show that you are committed to developing and advancing in the sector. Showing your commitment will surely improve your chances of receiving an acceptance letter.

Work Experience in the Sector

Out of all of the experience that you can list on your admissions application, work experience is the best to acquire. When you are listing work experience, make sure that you are aware that most programs will only consider your positions as a full-time employee after you have earned your undergraduate degree. Typically, a program will require that you have entered the workforce and gained at least 2 years of experience in a relevant career after you have earned your degree. If you are interested in an executive MBA program, you may need to have at least 5 years of experience on-the-job. If you have set a goal to earn your MBA shortly after you have started a career, it is best to choose a traditional program that is geared to help you achieve your goals.

Supplementing Your Application with Volunteer Work

While work experience and internships are far more important than volunteer work, adding any experience you have volunteering can help supplement your application when you have not met specific requirements. As a volunteer, you do not gain the skills you need to be successful in your career, but you do show that you are motivated and driven.

You should take the application process very seriously when you are applying to enroll in an MBA program. Make sure that you take time to review the admissions requirements before you submit your application, and do not count yourself out if you only have a year of work experience. By supplementing your application with internship or volunteering experience, you may still be given an opportunity to enroll in courses to earn your MBA. Do your homework before you get into a program, and always keep your goals in mind so that you stay driven to succeed.

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