What Jobs are in Hospitality Management?

Careers in hospitality management, also referred to as travel and tourism, are versatile, varied and vibrant. This field covers any aspect in which tourists are being served. Anything that focuses on leisure of travelers is fair game when it comes to this service-oriented industry, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Keep reading to learn more about the types of jobs that are available within this ever-changing field. You’re sure to find something that appeals to you if you enjoy working with the public.

Front Office Receptionist

This customer service professional is the face of an organization. They provide guests with assistance checking in and out of rooms, discovering nearby places and fixing any issues with accommodations, among other things. Front office staff can be employed in hotels, resorts, amusement parks, event sites and other such locations that serve visitors. They act as a liaison between their employer and the public.

Restaurant Manager

This person supervises the staff of any eating eating establishment. It could be a five-star grand restaurant or a smaller, independent dive. Restaurant managers are responsible for hiring, scheduling, budgeting, ordering and so much more. They take on duties as-needed and wear many hats.

Travel Agent

A travel agent helps people to choose and book their overall holiday experience. This hospitality management professional helps to manage every aspect of planning a vacation for their clients. These things can include finding accommodations, booking flights,setting daily itinerary and securing travel insurance. They are knowledgeable about popular travel destinations and attractions. Travel agents also help clients to remain within a desired budget.

Resort Manager

This travel and tourism pro has a big job to handle. They must oversee every department within the resort and ensure smooth operation of the property. Aspects under the watchful eye of a resort manager include front desk, kitchen staff, housekeeping and security. Business, supervisory and organizational skills are necessary for this position.

Wedding/Event Coordinator

Wedding planners or coordinators are hired by couples to help plan, manage and secure services for their big day. This organizational specialist must enjoy attending to details. The couple depends on the wedding planner to help them with all aspects of planning their wedding, from decorations to menu. Event coordinators do a similar job with regard to parties, trade shows and other activities. They may be employed by bars, restaurants or special event companies to carry out the logistics involved in making sure events go on without a hitch. They determine client needs and then work to fill them down to the smallest detail. Event planners coordinate venues, suppliers, staff, contractors and more. They’re responsible for scheduling and monitoring all activities associated with an event.

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These are just some of the specific jobs available within the travel and tourism industry. These professionals can work in amusement parks, cruise lines, hotels, resorts, airlines, spas, concert venues and more. Wherever people congregate while traveling or enjoying leisure activities is a potential place of employment within this diverse profession. Jobs in hospitality management are plentiful, and the field continues to grow.