The Value of Professional Business Degree Skills

Business administration degrees are in popular demand for today’s workforce. Employers are looking for business degrees on potential hire resumes more than ever. Business degrees mean workers will have great management, marketing, and planning skills – necessary characteristics for anyone working in the existing competitive economy. Employers specifically seek out employees with business degrees because of the detailed knowledge and skill-sets associated with the degree. According to many employers, business majors typically have great organizational abilities and already know the correct terminology used in business professions. Plus, professional skills like those gained through a business administration degree are appealing to employers since those qualifications are versatile and appropriate for many industries. These types of advantages associated with business majors – known as hard skills – essentially mean less training costs for an employer. For all of these reasons, and many more, business majors should be confident that their coursework will provide them with the necessary skills that employers want.

Communication and Leadership

In the business world, communication is vital, and business degree programs teach this skill in a variety of ways. Team-building exercises and group projects are common in a business degree program, and that is exactly what employers are looking for since teamwork is so important to the workplace. Leadership training is also an important part of business administration. Employers like to hire business majors for their leadership skills because those employees can take on team projects with little to no assistance. Because of these communication and leadership skills, management-level and other top-paid opportunities are regularly offered to those with degrees in business.


While degrees in business involve a broad spectrum of skills and expertise, a specific focus in business is also appealing to employers. Employers today are looking for business majors who have excelled in accounting, finance, and management within their degree field. These specializations are attractive to employers because special software and other technical knowledge is gained through these concentrations that put potential job candidates ahead of others.

Another common form of specialization in the business field is earning a Masters in Business Administration, or MBA. MBA earners have greater hiring capacity according to employers because their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills are top-notch. In the business world, an MBA is a valuable asset and this degree is certain to get employers’ attention. There is even a great source for those with MBAs to find job opportunities called the MBA Career Services and Employer Alliance. Membership with this online community is a great way to hone business skills and network for future opportunities.


Business administration is an increasingly growing field for career opportunities, and more CEOs and other top management positions are filled by business administration degree-holders today. Job applicants with degrees in business can rest assured that their talents set them apart from other contenders. Because employers are interested in business degree-holders in many different industries, not only are these degree-holders valuable to the job market, but their job opportunities are nearly endless.