What Are Good Government Jobs for Someone With a Business Degree?

Many times when people think of jobs with a business degree they think of the private sector. It is true that there are many lucrative positions and careers awaiting people with degrees in such areas as accounting, marketing, finance and management in a wide range of corporations, but there are a surprisingly large number of career paths and well paying jobs in the public sector. A bachelor’s degree in business can open up many doors in government. This is true at the federal level, but there are also opportunities at both state and local governments as well.

A career as a forensic accountant

Accountants are needed in every area of government that is keeping track of money. This is obvious to many looking at accounting as a career, but there are a few areas that offer careers in accounting that the private sector does not. One good example is with forensic accounting. This is an aspect of the financial investigation of business crimes. This is a fascinating area of accounting that combines math with solving crimes. White collar crime is a growing problem in the nation, and the demand for forensic accountants continues to grow.

A career as an auditor

Often found working with the Internal Revenue Service, an auditor can work with individuals as well as businesses to determine if all taxes owed are being paid. An auditor has a specialty in both taxes and accounting but is also attempting to undercover wrong doing. This type of word pays well and will be a steady source of income as long as there are taxes owed to the government.

A career as a comptroller

A comptroller has one of the most important jobs in any government department. This is the person responsible for the money that comes into the government as well as the money that is spent. This person holds the purse strings for a government agency and is therefore one of the most financially important positions that exist in a government agency. This position is often called the chief accountant or controller in a private sector company. Usually it takes an accounting degree or a master’s degree in business administration to get this type of government job.

A career as a budget analyst

All areas of government have budgets, and it is up to a budget analyst to find areas that can be trimmed back if no longer needed as well as stretch out the money that has been allotted for the department. The military has several budget analysts throughout the entire organizations of all four of its branches. Likewise, the federal government also employs budget analysts throughout its many agencies as well. Many of these jobs can be obtained with a bachelor’s degree in business.
Although jobs in the public sector won’t make you rich, the salaries can be very good and the work is steady. There is less chance of getting laid off or fired from a public job, and there is often less stress associated with the work becomes there is no profit motive involved. At the root of government work is public service. Dedicating your career to government work can be meaningful as well as provide an individual with an interesting career.