What Are Good Government Jobs For Someone With an Business Degree?

Although there are a variety of vocational paths an individual with a business degree could pursue, opting for a government job can often prove particularly advantageous. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that jobs within the field of government often offer competitive pay. If you are interested in learning more about the type of government job you can attain with a business degree, the information found below can be of use to you: 

Business Degree-The Basics

Although broadly defined, the field of business incorporates the sell of goods or services to a consumer. Individuals interested in the world of business often pursue a business degree. This undergraduate degree focuses on various business disciplines. Attaining a business degree generally requires a four-year college education which can be obtained through a college, university, or business school. Earning a business degree provides individuals with a wide variety of marketable skills in fields such as leadership, computers, communication, and math and problem solving skills.

Government Jobs For People With Business Degrees

In discussing various government jobs that individuals with business degrees can attain, technical business analyst Julie Davoren notes that they can opt for a career in accounting. The work of a federal accountant includes providing professional accounting assistance and advice to supported agencies. A federal accountant will generally analyze, prepare, interpret and present government accounting reports and records. They are responsible for examining and maintaining the records of government agencies whose actions are regulated by government taxation and policies. Professional accountants employed at the local, state or federal government level have to make sure that revenues are received and allocated according to current regulations and laws. Davoren notes that the median compensation for an accountant in 2012 was $63,550.

Yet another government job that an individual with a business degree could pursue would be one within the field of human resources. Although broadly defined, the field of human resources is basically about managing employee relations. It includes things such as the hiring and training of new employees as well as overseeing the compensation and benefits packages provided for company employees. Because people with business degrees complete coursework which trains them in the process of planning, guiding, and organizing administrative functions, they often have the ability to excel within a government’s human resources department. Additionally, this field can be economically lucrative. In reporting on salary, Julie Davoren notes that the annual median salary for a position as a human resource manager was $99,720 in 2012.

Yet another government job an individual with a degree in business might consider pursuing would be logistics. Logisticians manage and evaluate an organization’s chain of supply. This work incorporates overseeing the acquisition, distribution, allocation and delivery process of a product. In order to track the movement of products, logisticians make use of software systems. These software programs are used to manage inventory chain management, procurement, supply chain management and planning systems. In 2012, the federal government employed 26,620 logisticians, making the entity a top employer for logisticians. Moreover, the median salary for logisticians was $72,780 in 2012. These factors make pursuing a job in logistics a personally and professionally advantageous move for people with business degrees.


If you have a business degree and want to use it to obtain a government job, you should know that doing so can be a very good decision. By considering the information above, you may be able to identify the type of government job that is right for you.  Click here to find out the “Highest Paying Jobs for Business Majors“.  Good Luck!