What Are The Different Types of Accounting Degrees?

Accounting DegreeWhile accounting may seem to be a specific field, it can actually be quite broad, which is why there are different types of accounting degrees. Attaining an accounting degree can open up a world of opportunity at either corporate firms, small business, or through private clients. When most people consider getting an accounting degree, they don’t really put mind to the many areas of accounting, thus pushing themselves out of some great specializations and positions. For this reason, below you’ll find the types of accounting degrees that are available to help you get your career started in a great area.

Bachelors of Accounting

Accounting is an area of business that deals with following, recording, and assessing financial transactions for a business, corporation, or individual. Accountants are required to pass the CPA exam, which is a comprehensive exam that covers accounting standards, rules, and regulation. When it comes to pursing a degree in accounting, while there are different types of accounting degrees, these specific degrees exist more at the graduate than the undergraduate level. However, while the undergraduate accounting education is general, there are different methods of which students can attain that education.

Associates Degree

The associates degree in accounting is one of the quickest accounting degrees that you can earn. Most community colleges offer this degree type. While it is a quick solution, it prevents students from taking the CPA exam and entering more serious positions. The main entry level position that associates of accounting go into is bookkeeping.

Bachelors of Accounting

This option is the most opportunistic option. Students that pursue this degree type are able to take the CPA exam and enter into entry level accounting positions. It also provides them with the opportunity to take certain internships that are not available to associate degree students. The type of coursework that students can expect deals with math, statistics, law, and taxes. These core courses work to provide students with the comprehensive knowledge that they need for either an entry level position or graduate school, where students have the option to really specialize in certain accounting practices.

Masters of Accounting

When it comes to a master’s program in accounting, there are a few different types of accounting degrees that are available. Some of the most popular include Financial Auditing, Management Information Systems, Managerial Accounting, and Tax. Each of these specializations are through the university’s school of accounting and fall under their Masters of Accounting programs. For example, both Utah University, Iowa University, and the University of Maryland are just a number of which offer specialization degrees for their masters of accounting programs. Undergoing a specialization program provides students with more specific career opportunities and to fill the gap where many students do not have the qualifications to get into. This is one of the main benefits of going beyond a bachelor’s degree and doing a master’s program in the field. In addition, these degree options usually span no more than 2 years.

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, students that pursue an accounting degree have a positive job outlook. The field of accounting is growing by 13%, which is considered to be faster than average. To increase your prospects of finding a job after your degree that pays well, it is useful to look at the different types of accounting degreesĀ at the masters level and choose one that interests you.