What Are The Different Types of International Business Degree Specializations?

International BusinessAs students begin to focus on the type of business degree they’d like to pursue, many wonder about the different types of international business degree specializations that might help them narrow their professional focus after graduation. Like their counterparts in traditional business degrees, international options give students a variety of fields to choose from when they pick a concentration. From accounting to marketing, students can tap into a secondary interest or skill set to give themselves an added resume boost that will likely help them increase their chances of post-graduation employment in both domestic and international business environments.


Perhaps the most popular concentration for international business degree students is finance which, when paired with the international focus of these courses, gives each student a background in how to make financial decisions for a global corporation. Students in this concentration will not only learn the local finance laws that apply in federal and state regulatory environments, but also the laws that govern overseas investment and financial reporting. As a result, they’ll find employment in business finance departments, especially those businesses with a multinational reach, to be well within their field of expertise when choosing internships or job offers.


The idea behind marketing is the same in all countries, since this field looks to increase consumer awareness of a brand and help them meet their unique needs with a company’s products. The considerations of marketing on a global scale, however, are somewhat different form the marketing skills required when a product is sold only within national borders. Those who are pursuing a degree in international business can enhance their understanding of the marketing process by choosing this concentration and learning how to market to diverse areas of the world where a single, uniform approach would simply fall flat and the company would lose share to its competitors as a result.

Human Resources

Managing a global employee base is challenging, but those who choose a human resources concentration will have the skills necessary to get the job done. In this concentration, students will learn about how to ethically hire new employees, how to choose and administer employment benefits in different global environments, and how to deal with the challenges of workplace disputes, ethical questions, termination of employees, and much more. This concentration lends itself to a career, and even a graduate-level degree, in human resources management, and is one of the most in-demand fields in the business sector currently.


Financial reporting and projections are crucial to modern corporations, especially those big enough to reach across national boundaries and serve global markets. Management graduates with a strong accounting background will be primed to lead the accounting department and supervise ethical financial reporting and analysis at their employer. Since accounting is one of the business world’s most stable professions, this accounting adds a bit of versatility and durability to a career that’s otherwise quite hard to find in any profession.

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International Business Students Have Great Opportunities Available for Study

Business is a vast part of the economy, with many different responsibilities and skill sets required for lasting corporate success. According to the US News and World Report, those who are considering studying international business can help to further their overall career in this field by choosing from the many different types of international business degree specializations currently offered at leading business schools across the country.