What Business Careers are in e-Commerce?

e-commerceRapid technological developments have resulted in many exciting business careers in e-commerce. As illustrated below, business students will be able to graduate from a regular program and work for a regular company. However, all of their work will be performed based on online data, platforms and research.

Market Research Analyst

Online consumers and markets are full of massive amounts of data that e-commerce needs in order to commercially thrive. Market research analysts gather data from various online sources to help their company better market its products or services. They accomplish this through regularly gathering and evaluating the needs, trends, demographics and buying habits of online consumers. Traditional market research analysts collect their data from interviews, focus groups, opinion polls and published materials. However, online market research analysts use innovative methods, such as email surveys, social media questionnaires and data analytics.

Market research analysts must continually evaluate their company’s market position through analyzing online intelligence. For example, they must monitor their company’s website statistics that show conversions, keywords and event tracking. Moreover, market research analysts will use the same online tools to research the competition in order to find out their secrets to success. Fortunately, anyone can review a website’s data highlights, such as their content and keyword choices. Ideally, market research analysts will apply their knowledge to help their company better target consumers and deliver better products and services.

Website Developers

Website developers create and maintain websites, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They are responsible for the appearance, performance and functionality of the website. Some website developers are able to telecommute from the comfort of their own home, others primarily work as independent contractors. When creating a website, developers must translate their company’s commercial vision to a functional, web-based reality. However, website developers actually specialize in different fields. For example, website programmers oversee the technical construction of the website. Therefore, they must create the website’s fundamental framework, ensure that it works smoothly and establish standard update processes and procedures.

Alternatively, web designers are in charge of the website’s appearance. They create the layout, integrate graphics and add content and applications. Many web designers use popular computer languages such as CSS, PHP, HTML, Python and JavaScript. Some web designers only work with internal employees or external clients. However, many web designers work exclusively with online users and communities. Therefore, they must have excellent written communication and customer service skills.

IT Manager

Business careers in e-commerce aren’t all technology-based jobs. For example, IT managers plan, direct and coordinate online activities and technology services. They work with other managers to establish performance goals and are thus responsible for implementing standards and programs to meet these objectives. IT managers are expected to oversee technology security, administration and troubleshooting. This will involve installing and configuring both software and hardware. As a result, they must establish process update guidelines, maintain documentation and communicate all system changes that affect user access and functionality.

Then again, IT managers must prevent data breaches, minimize risks and deal with ongoing security issues. This includes online fraud, identity theft and privacy concerns. They must also protect users and systems from millions of virus and malware programs. Therefore, they must continually train internal users and external clients about current security trends and best practices. For example, online customers may receive legitimate looking email phishing scams that try to steal personal information.

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In short, there are both technical and managerial careers available for students interested in the business side of e-commerce. Other possible business careers in e-commerce include computer systems analyst and support specialist.