What Business Jobs are Available for a Data Scientist?

There are many types of business jobs available for data scientists who love to collaborate at every level across functional areas. Business data scientists uncover and address opportunities for growth, efficiency, scalability and cost savings. Data scientists often act as knowledge managers who are highly trusted resources and credible authorities, according to the Guardian. Their technical abilities should be balanced by excellent judgment and communication skills.


Data scientists are a godsend for marketing departments that want to better understand consumer segmentation, predictive modeling and behavior analysis. They use their working knowledge of digital and traditional marketing campaigns to improve customer engagement. These data scientists offer strategic consulting and hands-on delivery of solutions to clients. They may even host workshops to help develop visions, values and analytics understanding.

Data scientists who specialize in marketing should have SQL and Python skills for statistical application development. Having knowledge of Hadoop platforms and similar statistical development tools is preferred. They will use these digital tools to develop and fine tune reproducible and applicable statistical apps. They should have excellent organizational, analytical thinking, problem solving and time management skills. Database processing, programming and management skills are recommended.

Product Management

Data science professionals may work with sales, engineering and product management teams to improve, adjust, troubleshoot and perfect goods and services. They provide the data insights and analyses that drive product strategy, agility, adoption and innovation. These products could include highly rated mobile apps, business products and real estate platforms. They work closely with development teams to analyze the product’s performance by experimentally adding, adjusting and removing new features and functions.

Based on the test feedback, they will execute predictive algorithms for predicting purchases and lead conversions. When it comes to new products, they may be asked to select the foundation of KPIs that will drive business operations for specific product lines. These data scientists must have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Experience with programming languages like C#, Java and Python are welcomed.

Information Technology

Data scientists may focus entirely on information technology topics and systems. They are usually responsible for driving architectural changes, reporting infrastructure, data analytic capabilities and software development life cycles. They often focus on how to consolidate components, optimize operations, manage releases and troubleshoot bugs. These data scientists may evolve the existing engineering infrastructure for greater efficiency, robustness and collaboration.

Sometimes, they are asked to identify unknown software issues, create new statistical models and develop new reports to identify trends and hot spots. These data scientists must stay up-to-date on the latest technology standards and practices. They will have extensive backgrounds in data mining, structuring, transformation and statistical analysis. Experience with predictive modelling, matrix management, computer engineering and applied math are preferred.

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The business jobs available for data scientists may also be found in finance, health care, pharmaceuticals and manufacturing fields. All of these jobs will require at least a master’s degree related to statistics, mathematics, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence or computer programming.