What Careers are Available with a Degree in Entrepreneurship?

Various careers are available with a degree in entrepreneurship because there are different pathways to becoming a business mogul. For starters, not all entrepreneurship majors have sufficient real life experience and financial resources to plunge into developing a business startup. For others, corporate employment is a way to find mentors and make the right connections to boost a nascent business idea into something viable. Starting out as a corporate drone may not seem like the most exciting way to launch a career as an entrepreneur, but it is guaranteed to provide valuable lessons in management, finance and business development.

Sales Representative and Sales Management

Regardless of the type of products or services you will be handling in your own business later on, training and actual field experience in sales will be invaluable. Entrepreneurs usually have to act as their own salespersons, pitching their ideas to obtain funding from investors and financing from lenders. Sales experience will come in handy when your product or service becomes widely available to the public.

Business Analyst

Business analysts track the performance of businesses based on various metrics, including sales trends, sales forecasting, marketing efficiency and other data. Careers for graduates of entrepreneurship degrees may be enhanced with a few years doing back-office tasks such as business analysis. The entrepreneurship program provides conceptual training for business basics, including finance, accounting and statistical analysis that will prove useful in analyzing business practices, procedures and policies especially with regards to how these items contribute to the bottom line. These jobs may require direct employment as an in-house analyst or as a consultant representing a third-party management services firm.


The road to the C-suite starts with entry-level management positions, which is always a good place to accumulate business experience for those with a degree in entrepreneurship. Fresh graduates should consider management trainee positions in retail and the manufacturing sectors. A business background will provide the edge over other applicants and employees because you will be equipped with the skills and the mindset to run a department or a division. It is also a clear path to mid-level and other higher level positions on the corporate ladder.

Marketing Management

The ability to persuade consumers is a critical skill in any business at any level. Entrepreneurship majors would have been introduced to marketing concepts and strategies, which are core skills in ensuring business profitability and longevity. Forbes Magazine ranks marketing management as one of 10 top careers for aspiring entrepreneurs, pointing out that advertising, branding, market research and social media skills are key values in the business world.

Business Writer

The business world runs on information although not all writers are equipped to write business stories. With a degree in entrepreneurship and some writing skills, you are better equipped than most to take complex sales, marketing and economic data to craft articles that the public can understand. A degree in entrepreneurship helps develop analytical skills to understand the numbers that define the viability of corporations, the business sector and the economy itself.

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Brilliant businesspersons develop their own pathways to success. For many, considering other careers available with a degree in entrepreneurship is an ideal approach to build up experience, make the necessary social and professional connections and to test one’s survival skills in a competitive business atmosphere.