What Careers are Available with a Master’s in Project Management?

When you achieve a master’s degree in project management you essentially have a master’s degree in business administration while specializing in project management. This is a degree that allows you to understand how things work from a business perspective but also, you can accomplish your job while paying attention to things like managing time, providing strategic planning and paying attention to organization. The roles vary within a position and can include all aspects of a project from initial planning stages to final completion. If you are currently enrolled in this type of program and will soon be starting your job search, you may wonder what exact jobs you can consider. Let’s take a look at some of the careers that are available to you with a master’s degree in project management.

Project Coordinator

If you are just starting out in the field of project management, this is more of an entry level job that you can take on. You will complete tasks such as scheduling meetings, completing paperwork, generating reports, etc. From a management standpoint, there is also the responsibility of keeping everybody on the team on track throughout the process of completing the project.

Project Scheduler

The position of a project scheduler requires you to schedule many different aspects of a project. Some items may need to be done by certain people and there will need to be deadlines for each aspect of the project. Not only do you need an estimated start and end date, but you also should pay close attention to things like scheduling team updates so everyone can stay on the same page, periodic deadlines, final test runs, etc.

Project Manager

If you want to run a project and lead a team as the person in charge, this would be the position of project manager. The overall success of the project is in the hands of the project manager which might seem stressful to some people, but other people thrive under these types of circumstances. The more success you find with each assignment, the bigger projects you will be asked to take on within your role, according to Forbes.

Senior Project Management

Within a company that has a large number of ongoing projects in place, there needs to be some sort of management in charge of the individual project managers. This position is senior project management. The goal of this professional is to stay in touch with all of the various project managers, stay up to date on the individual projects and make sure that deadlines are being met.

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A fast paced career opportunity that is great for someone who likes to stay organized and work under stressful conditions, project management can be very lucrative and exciting. The projects you work on may change all the time which can keep your career from feeling boring or mundane. You can work in a number of different fields whether it be marketing, banking, health care and so on. A master’s degree in project management will provide you with a number of opportunities and as you gain experience, more and more windows of opportunity will open up and give you more options to select from.