What is a Business Liaison?

A business liaison is a trained professional who performs a variety of duties designed to maintain relationships, exchange information and promote operations. Below introduces some of the drastically different duties of business liaisons who can be found in almost every commercial sector.

Business Liaison – Government

Business liaisons may work for a government agency and interface with private businesses, or they may represent corporations, businesses associations, commercial organizations with the government. These business liaisons will coordinate activities of certain departments, such as compliance, public relations and business development. For example, a government employed business liaison who works as a member of a business development team will act as a primary point of contact for new and existing businesses. They may provide referrals to business coaching, financing, licensing and real estate experts.

They establish strong working relationships with businesses through regular, face-to-face contacts that foster support and encourage participation. Many of these business liaisons help entrepreneurs and small business owners navigate the complex processes of setting up a local business. They may coordinate training programs through their state’s Small Business Administration (SBA) field office. They may direct clients to seek help through the Women’s Business Center, the Veteran’s Business Outreach Center, the Small Business Development Center and the U.S. Export Assistance Center.

Business Liaison – IT

A business liaison who is employed in an IT department will provide integrated support services to various shareholders. These business liaisons may focus on helping clients and partners understand, explore and acquisition technology solutions. For example, global retailers often require suppliers to integrate and implement their in-house technology solutions in order to qualify for product orders and project bids. These business liaisons generally work under the supervision of the chief information officer (CIO) or the IT director.

IT business liaisons manage and monitor budget allocations, prepare and finalize major purchase orders and provide status updates of requisitions and recommendations. IT business liaisons may track and trend software licenses, usage, compliance and complaints. They work with IT vendors to coordinate technology services and monitor IT vendor contracts through vendor management software. IT business liaisons create, edit and present IT proposals for executive management during leadership meetings. They are responsible for scheduling and coordinating with internal departments and external clients.

Business Liaison – Health Care

A business liaison who works for a health care organization will play key role in developing and maintaining optimal relationships with operating partners, hospital systems and technology vendors. They use consultative support and research data to create value, identify opportunities and implement solutions. They may develop strategic partnerships with health care vendors in order to target new markets, which as a home aide program that supplies caregivers to elderly patients.

They must continually engage current and prospective health care clients to maximize revenue and business relationship potential. They support the development and exploration of new markets by creating information pipelines of factual data, meaningful information and verified research. They may develop and maintain comprehensive inventories of medical devices, tools and equipment in order to source new suppliers or cheaper vendors. They may enlist the membership of independent health care providers and groups in order to expand health care service networks and capabilities.

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Business liaisons may work in financial firms to coordinate government outreach and relationship management programs. Business liaisons may work with supply chain managers to identify and source new shipping and logistical partners.