What Is A Global MBA?

Global MBABusiness students may be interested in pursuing a Global MBA if they wish to put themselves on track to a career with an international company. While much of the curriculum of a Global MBA may appear to be similar to that of a traditional MBA, coursework completed as part of a Global MBA will have a focus on business processes in an international climate by incorporating study of what considerations must be taken into account by companies operating in more than one country and often offering or requiring study abroad experiences. The Global MBA has become highly popular, with most major business schools offering a global option those entering into MBA studies.

The global MBA curriculum

The most common duration of the curriculum for a global MBA is two years, according to George Washington University. However, programs may be longer or shorter depending on how comprehensive they are or on whether students attend courses part time or full time. Global MBA candidates will typically have to complete some coursework that is common to all MBA programs. These general core classes will typically include studies in marketing, financial accounting, business communications, management, and more.

As the student moves into his or her second year of study, the global aspect of the courses will become increasingly more prominent. Courses mirroring the global emphasis of a Global MBA program might include international management, macroeconomics for the global economy, and a variety of elective classes that the student may choose from depending on his or her interests. A Global MBA program should include a study abroad option that will allow students to acquire a familiarity with working in environments that blend different cultures, languages, and traditions. Language study is often included in a Global MBA program, and it is advisable for students interested in a global management career to acquire at least a limited level of proficiency in a second language.

Competencies Developed Through a Global MBA Program

Some objectives of a Global MBA program include developing a students moral reasoning, team building skills, and critical thinking as these tasks relate to doing business internationally. Working in a global climate can complicate the business world and call for increased caution and consideration when it comes to making business deals with those from another culture. Learning to appreciate the obstacles of international business and to learn proper decision making for managing internationally is a major goal of any Global MBA program.

Work Opportunities for Global MBA Graduates

A Global MBA is likely to put aspiring managers and business leaders ahead in the job market, according to Business Week.  The rise of emerging economies around the world is only one factor that contributes to the increasing importance for business professionals to have some familiarity and comfort with the prospect of partaking in work engagements overseas. Industries where Global MBA graduates are likely to see the most opportunities in the coming years include pharmaceuticals, IT and computer services, financial services, and banking.

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A business student with an interest in working for international companies should consider that a Global MBA might be an ideal way to land the perfect position with a large and prestigious company.