What is a Marketing Degree?

Marketing DegreeDo you find yourself asking the question “What is a Marketing Degree?” Are you in the process of looking for a major to study so that you can earn your degree and choose a career? While there are hundreds of different fields and sub-fields that you can study, marketing is a very practical option for individuals who are creative, like to communicate, and are interested in a stable career that pays well.

What Will You Learn?

In a broad sense, marketing is the practice of communicating the value of a product or service to a widespread audience.  The academic study of marketing focuses on the business of promoting or selling services and products. What you will learn when you are studying for a marketing degree will depend entirely on the type of marketing degree you are pursuing. While the curriculum from school to school can vary, most accredited programs recognized by specialized agencies in marketing offer similar curriculum structures.

If you plan on earning a Associate Degree in Marketing, you will take general education curriculum and very basic marketing courses that will set the foundation in the discipline. If you would rather earn a Bachelor Degree in Marketing, which requires a 4 year time commitment, you will gain the requisite knowledge and skills you need to apply business principles of marketing to a career. You will study a variety of different business areas that are related to marketing. Some of these areas include: management, law, finance, research, marketing tactics, organizational behavior, target niches and accounting.

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What Can You Do With a Marketing Degree?

There are several different career paths you can travel down when you earn a marketing degree. The doors that will open up with your degree depend on the type of degree that you earn and what your interests and goals are. Since all private and public institutions have a need to promote their products and services, you can work virtually anywhere with a marketing degree. After you graduate, you can take positions in branding, consulting, market research, advertising, online marketing, public relations and even in management. The route that you choose to take will play a major role in how much you will earn and how secure your career is.

According to Investopedia, an online business resource, the demand for strong marketing professionals with drive and talent has never been greater. In a world where media comes in several different formats, businesses need to set strategic marketing strategies that will reach a target audience if they want to compete against large retailers and small e-commerce stores.

Now is the perfect time to get a start in marketing. While completing your degree, you can even look for internship opportunities to help gain career experience.  With answers to the question, “What is a Marketing Degree?”, you can look for a career that is just right for you and your future career plans.