What Is A Modular MBA?

Modular MBAHave you ever wondered exactly what the difference is between a traditional MBA program and a Modular MBA program? If you are a professional and you are interested in advancing your career, it is important to learn about the various types of MBA programs that exist. With a unique layout that makes it possible for individuals with different work obligations to study and earn their business degree, a modular education formula is a popular choice for working students who realize how important an advanced degree can be in a corporate environment. If you want to know what sets a modular program apart from a traditional one, read on and learn what you need to know.

How is a Modular Program Differentiated From a Part-time Program?

Many people incorrectly assume that a part-time program and a modular program are two terms that can be used interchangeably. While there are some similarities between the two in the sense that professionals and individuals with other demanding obligations can complete both programs at a slower pace, a modular program and part-time program are not one and the same.

The major difference is that residential study sessions that normally must be completed in a classroom environment is delivered in the form of online discussion boards, webinars, distance learning assignments and research projects. By mixing distance education elements of a part-time program with elements of a traditional in class full-time program, individuals who are employed full-time can earn their degree in less time without having to suffer from intrusion in their daily routine.

What is the Common Layout of a Modular Program?

Modular programs have what is referred to in the academic world as a lock-step curriculum. This means that your class scheduling is inflexible and that classes are spaced closely together so that you can graduate sooner. You will have a map that you must follow and the classes and the sessions may last only one to three weeks in length. Typically, you will only attend a face-to-face class once or twice in a modular program, according to Access MBA. When you attend this class, you may have guest speakers or cover more advanced coursework. The remainder of the program will be less conventional where you will use distance learning instruction and assignments to build your knowledge and your business acumen.

Is a Modular Program Right For You?

A modular program is the best of both worlds. You will be able to spend time with an instructor in a classroom setting, but you will also enjoy flexibility in your life while you study and complete lectures at home. Modular programs are not for every type of learner. You need to be an independent worker and have the drive that you need to complete coursework on-time without being supervised. If you can do this, being able to strike a balance by taking this unique business program could be the best option for you.

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It is important to consider how an MBA degree will help you get where you would like to go in your professional life. You need to consider how much an MBA costs, how much time you must commit, and how much you will earn long-term after you graduate. Consider the marginal benefits of having an MBA and the financial benefits, and in doing this you can decide if a Modular MBA is right for you.