What is An International Business Degree?

intbizAn international business degree is designed to provide an individual with in-depth expertise in a specific business discipline that is coupled with a much broader global business perspective. This often includes cultural awareness, language proficiency and the experience to study abroad.  The value of having an international business degree cannot be denied. More than ever, the reduction of trade barriers along with advancements in technology and the emergence of growing economies in China, India and Brazil among others are influencing business transactions.

A Wide Range of Topics

An international business degree covers a wide range of topics that help students gain a clear perspective of global companies and trade. This includes an in-depth look at global business challenges in human resources, accounting, finance, public relations, marketing, logistics and production.

Aside from that, the foundations and structure of international capital markets along with political, economic and financial risks are discussed. Students are also taught different strategies for entering markets around the world. This often includes a bird’s eye view of licensing, exporting and strategic alliances along with direct foreign investment.

International business degrees also place a major emphasis on the regulatory, legal, geographic, historical and political factors that have a huge influence on investment, trade and how multi-national companies are run. At the same time, students are taught the basic principles of how to analyze global competitors and markets.

It also places great emphasis on how governments, infrastructure, culture and consumer characteristics affect international marketing. This helps students develop strategies that could fully maximize a market in a certain part of the world in order to help companies gain a fair share of consumers in that region.

Places to Earn a Business Degree

Most people earn their business degrees from an accredited business college, university or school that has a comprehensive business program. Both online and campus-based programs or a combination of both can be found at many schools across the country. If an individual is interested in obtaining positions or executive ranks with the best multi-national and global companies, it is vital that they find a reputable or top-ranked international business degree program.

Career Opportunities

The rapid growth of international business has created a huge demand for people who have knowledge of how global markets are run. With an international business degree, people can work in a number of positions in many types of industries. One of the most common job titles for people who have finished a business degree is management analyst.

A management analyst helps the company improve its organizational efficiency while helping to reduce costs and increase revenue. A company that is interested in expanding has a particular need for a management analyst who can offer them advice in doing business in foreign markets.

Another career opportunity that people who have an international business degree could take advantage of is becoming an international sales representative. An international sales representative contacts a potential client in a foreign country to sell their company’s services and products. They may also handle sales contacts, sales campaigns and other similar tasks.

People who have finished an international business degree could also become an international financial analyst. International financial analysts report and monitor finances for international operations. They may also assist with strategic planning and create budgets.


Worldwide business is rapidly expanding and creating a need for people who have an in-depth knowledge of international business. With a high quality international business degree, people ultimately have a springboard that could help them secure a position within the competitive global business market.

This is because these degrees provide them with knowledge of how a business is run on their home country as well in other nations. Through this, they are given the capability to adapt in an ever-changing global market that helps them become a valuable asset in any company.

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