What is Hospitality Management?

A career in hospitality management can be a dynamic one with a wide range of possible jobs and work settings. This industry encompasses all aspects of travel and tourism, from booking a trip to checking clients into their accommodations, and everything in between. Because it’s so wide-ranging, jobs in this field require various levels of training and preparation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They also call for employees with countless areas of expertise. Read on to learn about this burgeoning field and the opportunities it offers.

About the Industry

Travel and tourism involves all aspects of making guests feel welcome and comfortable. There is a strong customer-service component to most jobs within the field. This is typically considered a service sector because of the strong emphasis on catering to the needs of the client. Therefore, good people skills are essential to most jobs within the hospitality industry. This is a growing field, with new jobs being created every day.

Ideal Candidates

Not everyone is well suited to work within the hospitality management field. It’s important that those wishing to work as travel or leisure professionals have personalities suited to working with people. Though there are some behind-the-scenes positions, most are public-facing and hands-on. Hospitality pros should hold themselves to a high standard and be prepared to give their all to their jobs. A friendly demeanor is essential to this line of work, as is the ability to think on your feet. Strong problem solving skills are necessary when it comes to making people happy and resolving any issues that come up.

Types of Jobs

There are so many jobs in the travel and tourism industry, as well as a multitude of settings in which you can work. Management positions are quite popular. Hotel management, resort management and restaurant management are some of the most common positions of this type. Front desk associates abound, as well. They might be employed in large resorts, conference centers or independent lodging establishments. Those who provide sanitation services also fall under the category of hospitality management. Positions like housekeeping and cleaning staff are included in this category. Travel agents who book trips and arrange itinerary are important to this field. As are entertainers of all kinds. Wedding and event planners fall under this umbrella, as well.

Places of Employment

Those in the travel and leisure industry have a great number of exciting options when it comes to work settings. Lodging such as resorts and hotels are common employers. As are travel agencies and events companies. Cruises, airlines and tour companies need professionals to serve their clients. Even amusement parks, theatres and other places of entertainment are within the category of hospitality and tourism. The possibilities are practically endless when it comes to this dynamic field.

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If you enjoy helping people and providing stellar customer service, this may be the type of work for you. People of all types of expertise are needed to fill the roles within this broad field. Opportunities for travel abound, and no day is ever the same. A career path in hospitality management is one of endless possibilities.