What Type of Jobs Can I Get With a Business Degree?

A business degree opens up a wide diversity of career opportunities. From becoming a successful certified public accountant in a large private firm to holding a coveted finance position in the New York Stock exchange, people who hold a business degree are normally equipped to work in numerous corporate settings, government agencies and private industry roles.

By earning a bachelors degree in business, this group of graduates will find that they are qualified for many different types of job positions, administrative and managerial. For instance, they may qualify for a management position in a trucking company or they may be hired for a management position in a dentist’s office. Whatever the case, when an individual acquires a business degree, they are normally equipped to work in many different types of professional entry-level positions. Here’s a list of the top positions or fields that most business students pursue.

Human Resources Professionals

Human resources professionals can be hired into many different types of positions since they can perform multiple functions. For instance, some of the human resources professionals may be hired to recruit talent. Though most people may view Human Resources recruiters as the only function in a HR setting, they will often find that there are numerous functions that require a business degree. Some of the most commonly known are
organization management, compensation specialists, safety specialists, payroll advisors, and many others that support human resources initiatives as a whole entity.

Marketing Specialists

Business students are required to select a specific concentration within the business area. So, some students may prefer the Marketing area as their primary focus. Consequently, when they graduate with their business degree, they are qualified for entry level Marketing Specialists positions. Therefore, they may work in a small company or a large corporation fulfilling various kinds of duties that relate to promoting the company’s products and services to specific target audiences.


When an individual is seeking to be a certified public accountant, one of the first requirements for this position is to obtain a bachelors degree in business. In fact, their primary focus will be taking lots of advanced accounting courses, but they will also have a mixture of other business related courses as well. Though some accountants are only required to present a bachelors degree to hold an accounting position in a small company or large corporation, those who want to become a certified accountant must pursue an additional degree (i.e. Masters Degree in Business).

Financial Advisors

Financial advisers are responsible for assisting their clients with investing their money wisely, their role involves planning short as well as long-term goals. Some advisers specialize in assisting their clients with retirement, while others may offer assistance with estate management or tax advice.

Attending business college has a diversity of opportunities available to for those who can stick it out until they receive their bachelors degree. From being hired as a first line manager in a marketing firm to accepting a professional position in human resources, people who want to pursue this area will have many diverse doors of opportunity available to them.