What Type of Non-Profit Jobs Are Available With a Business Degree?

Business DegreeA business degree prepares you for working in a number of positions, but some students find themselves more interested in the non-profit jobs available with a business degree. Non-profit organizations are groups and organizations that do not make a profit. Those organizations use any money raised to pay for employee wages, operating costs and to help the community or specific groups of people. As a business major, you learn how to lead and organize others and other skills that assist you with helping non-profit groups.

Fundraising Manager

Many of the non-profit jobs available with a business degree have some management aspect. Non-profit organizations often receive a small amount of money from the government, but these groups also rely on fundraising efforts and with donations given by others. Fundraising managers are the professionals who help those groups raise money. They create fundraising campaigns that solicit donations from the public at large, but they may also help organize special events that bring in money, including marathons and parties. Fundraising managers work with companies to get the organization price breaks on the supplies needed for the event and with advertising directors to get promotion for the event.

Volunteer Coordinator

Business majors also learn skills that can help them in the role of volunteer coordinator. Non-profit organizations rely heavily on support from volunteers. An animal shelter might need volunteers to clean out animal cages and take pets on walks, while a healthcare clinic needs volunteers to keep patients comfortable and file paperwork. Volunteer coordinators find out which roles need filling, find people willing to take on those jobs and schedule enough volunteers to work every day. They may also go out in the public and talk about the need for volunteers in specific organizations.

Promotions Manager

If you enjoy working in the advertising field but still want to help a non-profit organization, consider working as a promotions manager. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, promotions managers make a median pay of $115,750 a year. Though the amount you make in the non-profit sector might be lower than this figure, the BLS found that the industry will grow at the same rate in the coming years as other sectors. Promotions managers help non-profit organizations gain more attention from the public. They arrange for interviews with local newspapers and news stations, create publicity campaigns for the organization and help update or improve the reputation of the organization.

Business Liaison

Organizations often need help from companies operating in the area, and business liaison is one of the non-profit jobs available with a business degree. A business liaison is someone who works for a non-profit organization and acts as a representative of that organization. Your job would involve going to large companies in your area and asking for help and support. A business liaison works out agreements between the two parties that helps an organization gain the money and supplies that it needs and a business get the good publicity that comes from that agreement.

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Business degree programs teach students how to work with others and lead others, how to budget and do other tasks associated with running a company. Those skills and others that you learn can help you in one of the non-profit jobs available with a business degree, including roles as business liaisons, promotions and fundraising managers and volunteer coordinators.