What Types of Business Degrees Can You Get Online?

Online Business DegreesThere is no doubt that with the advent of online education, there are my a plethora of types of business degree you can get online. Whether you are looking to study international finance, marketing, accounting or management, online education has definitely made it very possible for the average individual to get a high quality education without stepping foot in a brick-and-mortar institution. Here is a comprehensive overview of you can get a degree online from a reputable business program.

Ensure School is Accredited

Before you proceed in enrolling in an online program, one of the first things you need to ensure is that the prospective school that you are considered in accredited. There are many for-profit schools out there that offering business degrees online, but many of them lack recognition and accreditation which could hamper your future job search and ability to be taken serious in the global workforce. Before you enroll in any online business degree program, talk to an admissions counselor and ask to about their accreditation status.

Prerequisites Before Studying Business Online

Most accredited online universities and colleges that offer business programs will usually require students to take a series of prerequisite courses before entering major classes. These classes include social sciences, english, college algebra, calculus, statistics, history, economics and other general studies. No reputable business program will admit a student who cannot successfully pass these courses. It will take anywhere between a year to two years to finish taking all required prerequisites.

Types of Business Degrees Offered Online

According to US News and World Report, with the rise of online education, many colleges and universities have begun offering great options for students looking for different degrees. Most business colleges with online degree programs offer tracks in marketing, finance, management, decision information sciences, management information systems and accounting. Larger universities and colleges will also offer different concentrations. This could include areas such as international finance, global marketing, logistics, digital marketing, etc. Before enrolling any online business program, you should have a solid idea as to what field you would like to study. Make sure you look carefully into career growth and salaries for the field before making a decision.


You can definitely still get an internship while enrolled in an online business degree program. Talk with your academic advisor about different internship options. Many academic advisors can still arrange for internships with different corporations and businesses regardless if you take classes online or at a traditional brick-and-mortar institution. At the end of the day, it is the experience that matters the most.

Will Salaries and Career Options Differ for Online Students?

Salaries should remain the same for online students. As mentioned earlier, experience is what matters the most. For those who have previous background experience in a particular field, your chances are much higher of landing a job versus someone straight out of top-notch university or college. Employers value those who have actually spent years on the job. Also, career options should not vary either. In fact, online students often have the advantage due to the flexibility of taking online courses.

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In the end, online education will not vary much from taking classes in person. Just do your proper research and due diligence when researching the types of business degree you can get online.