What Types of Consultant Jobs are in Business?

In today’s consultancy environment, finding out what different types of consulting jobs are in business can prove to be a tricky endeavor. Part of the problem stems from the fact that being a consultant isn’t really protected by any sort of regulatory body. In other words, anyone can call themselves a consultant, but not just anyone can call themselves a physician.

An American research agency called Kennedy Information has proposed there are six core consultancy types in the industry. They are:

  • Strategy Consultant
  • Management Consultant
  • Operations Consultant
  • Financial Advisory Consultant
  • Human Resource Consultant
  • IT Consultant

Strategy Consultant

Strategy consultants operate at the highest levels of the consultancy food chain. These are the individuals and companies that actually work with the CEOs and CFOs of major corporations and fine tune every aspect of those businesses. One area that strategy consultants do not address, however, is anything involved in actual decision making, as pointed out in an article in Forbes Magazine.

Management Consultant

A management consultant is an individual who looks at the management side of a business and finds ways to improve efficiency and communications. The key to any good management team is being able to work well with those it manages and a management consultant will provide information on how to get the best results. In a BBC segment about management consultants, it was pointed out the best management consultants are the ones who can be both objective and look at the big picture when dealing with management issues.

Operations Consultant

An operations consultant comes to a business and looks for ways to improve the basic flow of the business. Many times, they’ll focus on ways to streamline manufacturing or improve productivity in the administrative side of things.

Financial Advisory Consultant

The financial advisory consultant looks at overall finances and looks to find ways to cut costs, diversify investments, and improve overall financial results while maintaining the potential for continued growth. In addition to finding areas to reduce expenses, the consultant also finds way to carefully invest in areas needing the most attention.

Human Resource Consultant

In today’s environment of improved awareness of the different forms that discrimination can take, the human resource consultant is the individual responsible for raising awareness of any potential problem areas when it comes to personnel and discrimination or harassment. By implementing different training programs, the human resource consultant can help foster a workplace environment that is both productive and welcoming to all personnel.

IT Consultant

The IT consultant is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the entire network infrastructure. This includes such areas as cybersecurity, training of personnel in areas relating to the network, as well as providing hardware and software support to all individuals within the organization.

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Consultants are found in practically every area of today’s business. As more and more companies turn to outside help for solutions to their problems, they realize their answers can be found in one of the six different types of consulting jobs in business.