What Types of Jobs are Available with a Human Resources MBA?

Human Resource MBAThe types of jobs available with a Human Resources MBA vary from traditional positions directly related to human resources to positions in management and other career fields. A Human Resources MBA creates a foundation of skills and advanced knowledge that are beneficial for many organizations and businesses.

Human Resources MBA Curriculum Basics

MBA programs in human resources management help future professionals to build the qualifications and requirements necessary for pursuing a number of higher level positions both in and out of direct management positions in human resources positions. Some of the course work in these programs will include study of information technology, strategic management, corporate leadership, financial management and accounting, economics, operations management, marketing, human behavior, organizational strategy, and ethical leadership in corporations.

After completing a graduate degree in this field, future professionals have skills such as leading teams through organizational change, understanding and managing recruitment and training procedures, making decisions for all organization stakeholders, and resolving conflicts. Additional information on the skills and knowledge needed for human resource positions can be reviewed at the Society for Human Resource Management.

To further build qualifications for a specific type of position, Human Resources MBA students might choose to complete a program that includes the opportunity to specialize in a particular area of the field. For example, some programs may allow students to focus courses on strategies and techniques in human resources directly related to health care, law enforcement, information technology, or education.

Positions in Human Resources Departments

For many graduates of a Human Resources MBA program, career positions will be found in human resources departments of different types of organizations across all industries. Positions can be found in non-profit organizations, government agencies, educational institutions, private corporations and businesses, and health care organizations.

Positions in human resource departments vary based on organizational need. With an MBA in the field, candidates will likely qualify for positions such as human resources manager and director of human resources. Additional positions within these departments might include training developer, recruitment coordinator, benefits manager, compensation specialist, negotiator, and human resources IT specialist.

Other Career Possibilities for Human Resources MBA Graduates

With an MBA in Human Resources, professionals also have options to consider for careers outside of a human resources department. For instance, positions can be found as executive recruiters who are hired by companies and organizations to recruit talented candidates for positions. A career as an education consultant offers opportunities to create corporate training material, online education material, and curriculum for both businesses and educational institutions.

Additional career options include general management positions, public administration, mediator, diplomatic aide, career counselor, social worker, vocational counselor, contract specialist, equal opportunity officer, labor organizer, job coach, employment assistance counselor, and safety director. To find more information on career options for human resources professionals, visit the National Human Resources Association.

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Whether looking to find a position directly related to human resources management or to utilize skills and knowledge from the degree for another career path, human resources professionals have many options. Individual interests, goals, experience, and training can drive future professionals to meet the qualifications for all types of jobs available with a Human Resources MBA.