Will a Business Administration Degree Help Me In a Sales Career?

Although there are a wide variety of vocational paths that an individual could choose to pursue, opting for a career in business administration can be particularly advantageous. This is the case for several reasons, including the fact that pay is competitive and there are opportunities for professional development and advancement. If you are considering attaining a business administration degree, you may be wondering what fields it can help you obtain a job within. In many cases, people find that they want to pursue a career in the field of sales with their business administration degree. By learning more about this subject and others pertaining to the field of business administration, you can decide whether pursuing this vocation is right for you.

Business Administration-The Basics

Although broadly defined, business administration is basically about the management or performance of business operations and/or decision-making processes for the purpose of accomplishing objectives and goals. The administration of a business also involves the efficient organization of resources such as people, money, and time to accomplish these goals and objectives.

Sales-The Basics

While defined diversely, sales can be briefly defined as the exchange of a good or product for money.

Business Administration And A Career In Sales

Individuals who choose to pursue a business administration degree may wonder if doing so will help them in a sales career. In considering the skills that one acquires in pursuit of a business administration degree, the answer is clearly yes. Some skills that one attains while pursuing a business administration degree which are infinitely valuable within the field of sales include:

1. Planning

Planning is a process that involves making decisions that will positively impact a company. The planning process incorporates knowing what to do, when to do it, how to do it, and who will be involved in doing it. Planning is the bridge that connects where a business or organization is to where it wants to go. Because individuals who attain degrees in business administration typically spend time acquiring planning skills during their tenure as a student, they are equipped to handle the aspect of sales that involves doing things such as appointing a sales team to handle certain tasks.

2. Organizing

Organizing is a process which involves identifying roles and responsibilities, specifying the nature and scope of organizational relationships, and grouping them into divisions or departments. People who attain business administration degrees generally become familiar with organizational processes and can expect to take courses such as Principles of Organization throughout their career as a student. Attaining a skill set that includes outstanding organizational skills is applicable to the field of sales in many ways. For example, working in the field of sales often necessitates that an individual be able to organize a sales presentation by allocating funding for sales materials and delegating a speaker.

3. Building Strong Relationships

As many business experts know, succeeding in the world of buying and selling goods is often contingent upon one’s ability to build a relationship with the prospective client. This is a skill that is taught within the field of business administration, and it is also a skill that is of infinite value within the field of sales. In discussing¬†the importance of building relationships in a sales career, Wendy Connick notes that “This sales skill is just as important to a salesperson’s business life as it is to their personal life. Building and maintaining healthy relationships is the key to developing a strong network. And networking will allow you to reach far, far more prospects than you could manage on your own.” Because individuals who attain business administration degrees are often thoroughly schooled in how to build strong relationships and develop a substantive network, they are often able to blossom within the field of sales.


If you are thinking about pursuing a career in business administration, you should know that doing so can be advantageous for many reasons. One such reason is that it prepares you to thrive in a variety of vocational paths, including the field of sales. By reviewing the information above, you can make an informed decision regarding whether pursuing a business administration degree in order to work in the field of sales is right for you. Good luck!