Business Administration Degree Programs in Georgia (A-E)

Students looking for accredited business administration degree programs in Georgia will find many options. In the beginning, Georgia was slow in so many ways. Established in 1732 as the last of the original Thirteen Colonies and then the last state to be restored to the Union after the Civil War, this southeastern state has proven to be highly competitive, innovative, and diverse. Listed among the fastest growing in the United States, Georgia’s economic development has become a leader in industry, tourism, transportation, communications, textiles, automotive and is the number one pecan producer in the world. Among the state’s 70 public and 45 private colleges and universities, a multitude of undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate-level degree programs are training tomorrow’s business leaders of the world. To see more accredited business administration degree programs in Georgia, visit Business Administration Degree Programs in Georgia (F-K) and Business Administration Degree Programs in Georgia (L-Z).

Berry College

Campbell School of Business

Martha Berry was a visionary committed to education when few schools existed. In 1902 she founded a school for rural boys; adding a girls’ school just a few years later. A true success story, the fundamental educational elements she established – the combination of academic study with work and religion – still exist today. Berry College grew into a four-year college in 1930. However, graduate-level degree programs were not available until 1972. The Campbell School of Business offers undergraduate programs with an emphasis on liberal arts plus real-world business applications. The graduate-level degree curriculum provides flexible online scheduling for working professionals looking to advance in their field.

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration assists working professionals earn an advanced degree through part-time, evening classes. As more companies require graduate degrees for managerial positions, it is imperative for students to learn the proper skills for advancement. The Berry MBA curriculum prepares students with leadership, communication and teamwork skills in the fields of Finance, Accounting, Management, and Marketing. Networking access allows graduates to broaden their career opportunities in the community and across the world. A total of 30 credit hours of coursework, electives and a capstone project are required for graduation.

Minor in Business – Additional pre-core and business electives are required for the minor that focuses on economics, financial accounting, finance, marketing principles and management. The Minor in Business allows students to explore additional areas of interest while pursuing their MBA. They will also learn critical work skills such as leadership, ethics, communication and teamwork to help propel their career.


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2277 Martha Berry Hwy NW
Mount Berry, GA 30149
(706) 232 5374

Clark Atlanta University

School of Business

Atlanta University was founded in 1865 and was the oldest graduation institution for African-Americans in the United States. It was a four-year college that granted bachelor’s degrees for Southern school teachers. Clark College began in 1869 as Clark University in a small room at a Methodist Episcopal Church. During the 1930s the schools merged for economic efficiency and soon work began on a new campus.
In 1988, Clark Atlanta University was formed. Today it is a private four-year institution located in an urban community and has a predominantly African-American student population. CAU offers all levels of degrees and includes majors relevant to diverse ethnicities, races and socioeconomic backgrounds. The School of Business offers quality business programs structured to develop future leaders, innovators and problem solvers. The school ranks among the “Top 25” in the country.

Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration

Students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration at Clark Atlanta University benefit from a modern approach to education. The participation with the University’s Cooperative Education Program allows qualified students to work at area businesses and other parts of the country in a work study program. These paid internships provide insight into the workings of an actual business and students gain work experience, an income while attending school, and often obtain full-time employment with the organization after graduation.

Master of Business Administration

The MBA graduate program available through the School of Business has produced the largest number of black Master of Business Administration degrees in the nation. The two-year program is designed to include fundamental course work that reflects current business practices and prepares students for leadership or management roles. The Master of Business Administration offers two paths for completion – full-time and working professional.

Full-time MBA – A challenging curriculum prepares students for a successful career in a variety of major corporations. Annual recruitment opportunities are established with Fortune 500 companies and have proven successful for internships and leadership positions after graduation. With a student to faculty ratio of 11:1, individual mentoring is ever-present and supportive.

Working Professional MBA – This practically-designed program meets the ever-changing needs of today’s successful corporations. The Working Professional MBA provides additional education in an affordable and flexible delivery system. Students are given opportunities to network with their peers and faculty to create long-term connections all over the world. Concentration areas include: finance for careers in commercial banking, insurance, investment banking and other financial services organizations; plus marketing with emphasis on marketing research and sales management.


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223 James P. Brawley Drive, S.W.
Atlanta, GA 30314
(404) 880-8454

Clayton State University

School of Business

Originally opened as Clayton Junior College in 1969, Clayton State University evolved to baccalaureate status in 1986, university status in 1996 and the present four-year public university in 2005. In 1998 CSU became the first public university to embrace technology by issuing notebook computers to all students. Through the “Information Technology Project” Clayton State transformed the campus to incorporate mobile computing into all aspects of the academic community. The School of Business currently offers degree programs at undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate levels with a continued requirement for campus-wide information system use.

Bachelor of Business Administration in General Business

The BBA in General Business utilizes a curriculum with individual coursework specifically designed for each student. Fundamental business administration methods combined with elective interest encourages students to work toward their preferred field of study. Learning outcomes include: effective communication skills, critical thinking, ethical practice, social and political service, and use of technology in business administration.

Minor in Business Administration – This series is designed for students enrolled in Marketing, General Business, Management, Accounting, Supply Chain Management or Pre-Business – not a BBA program. Students must complete 18 hours of specialized coursework.

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration degree is a fast-track program for experienced professionals and recent undergraduates entering the job market. The prospectus includes instruction in accounting, finance, supply chain management, international business, logistics, business statistics and managerial economics.


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2000 Clayton State Boulevard
Morrow, GA 30260
(678) 466-4000

Columbus State University

D. Abbott Turner College of Business

Columbus State University is ranked among the top regional universities by U.S. News & World Report and is part of the University System of Georgia. With a student enrollment of over 8,200, Columbus State provides accredited degree programs at all levels – online, undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate. D. Abbott Turner College of Business offers high-quality business programs to prepare students for an internationally competitive atmosphere. Columbus State University began as a proposal by local citizens in 1949 to open a junior college. It wasn’t until 1958 when laws allowed such an institution to become reality. The school expanded rapidly with the move to the current campus in 1963 which led to the approval to become a four-year college. Athletics programs at Columbus State have gained national recognition and produced many All-American Scholar Athletes. Seven colleges and schools offer over 20 degree options with multiple concentration tracks.

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration undergraduate degree can be tailored for specializations. In addition to business basics, flexible course selection allows students to relate their education to their career aspirations. Anticipated skills include proficiency in: critical thinking, ethical practice, communication, information technology, human resource law, financial analysis, consumer behavior and entrepreneurship. Career opportunities are limitless but the main focus is in general business such as entrepreneurial endeavors, family business, small business ventures, or corporations.

Minor in Business – Students must complete 18 credit hours in the following concentration areas: Accounting, Business, Economics, Management or Marketing. The Minor in Business can be incorporated with the Bachelor of Business Administration degree for advanced knowledge in specific career opportunities.

Master of Business Administration

Offering a traditional on-campus MBA advanced degree program, the Turner College of Business is dedicated to preparing students for success in business leadership roles. Focus is given to fundamentals in business such as human behavior, accounting, operations, finance, management information systems, marketing and management techniques. Graduate requirements include 30 credit hours across 10 graduate courses. All classes are available in the evening to accommodate adult learners with multiple responsibilities. Learning goals are established to prepare students in all areas of expertise including: Communications (written and oral), Quantitative (problem solving and analyzing), Global Environment Communications (verbal and non-verbal), Humanities/Fine Arts/Ethics (interpretation skills) and Natural Sciences (scientific reasoning). Both full-time and part-time enrollment is available but the MBA must be completed within six years.


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4225 University Avenue
Columbus, GA 31907
(706) 507-8150

Dalton State College

School of Business

Chartered in 1963 as Dalton Junior College, Dalton State College was opened as part of the University System of Georgia. With a goal for expansion, construction began almost immediately on five campus buildings. In 1967 the school had a student body comprised of 524 individuals. In 1994 it had grown to more than 3,000 students and grew again to an all-time enrollment high of 5,000 by 2009. Dalton State College has a wide range of bachelor’s degrees, associate’s degrees, and career certification courses that are enhanced through community partnerships. Academic programs are offered through five schools: School of Business, School of Education, School of Liberal Arts, School of Health Professions and School of Science, Technology and Mathematics. Baccalaureate degree programs consist of Management Information Systems, Accounting, Biology, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Social Work and Operations Management.

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree provides opportunities for specialization in Accounting, Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing and Technology Management. The School of Business utilizes small class sizes to optimize the collaborative relationship between professor and student. Emphasis is placed on key business skills such as written and oral communication, quality analysis methods, reasoning and critical thinking and implementation of these skills in the workplace. Specialization tracks are available in the following areas:

Accounting – This discipline stresses recording and reporting financial data, auditing financial statements, tax law, data collection for strategic planning in an accounting management environment.

Management – This track provides analytic and conceptual methods for successful leadership positions in a competitive business climate.

Management Information System – Students following this specialty typically find career opportunities in computer programming, database administration, systems analysis and computer support.

Marketing – This program assists in the development of marketing professionals for positions in sales, market research, advertising and marketing.

Technology Management – Students must possess an Associate of Applied Science or Technology degree. It is designed for individuals pursuing a position in management. This program combines business courses with technical expertise for advanced knowledge in various business environments.


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650 College Drive
Dalton, GA 30720
(706) 272-4436

Emory University

Goizueta Business School

Today’s Emory University is recognized world-wide for its academic excellence through its colleges, graduate and professional school, and premier health care systems. Founded from humble beginnings in 1836, the Methodist Episcopal Church leaders had a vision for American education that included building character in its students in addition to helping them achieve academic distinction. Decades of struggle paid off in the late 1800s when the founder of The Coca-Cola Company invested a million dollars and property to build the highly-acclaimed institution near Atlanta, Georgia. Additional philanthropic contributions enabled Emory’s growth to continue. Uniquely poised to maintain its leadership standing, research funding totals $500 million annually.

Emory University houses nine schools offering 70 undergraduate and over 20 graduate and professional programs. Poets & Quants awarded the Goizueta Business School’s Master of Business Administration program national recognition as #1 for job placement in 2013.

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree program at Goizueta Business School has been designed to enrich students through intellectual growth that enables, empowers and motivates them as positive contributors in the workplace and society. Fundamental proficiencies include critical thinking, analytical skills and effective communication.

The core requirements of the BBA program are:

-Managerial Accounting.
-Corporate Finance.
-Organization and Management.
-Strategic Management.
-Process and Systems Management.
-Business Communication.
-Legal Environment of Business.

The curriculum available for BBA students at Goizueta Business School extend beyond the traditional programs with a collaborative partnership between the business school and Emory College. Concentrations currently available include: Arts Management (includes Music, Theater and Dance), Environment and Sustainability Management, and Film and Media Management. For those students requiring additional specializations, a customized program can be established. Faculty members have noted a significant increased commitment to learning through these programs where students learn business principles relevant to their career goals.

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration graduate-level program has been created to ensure all students are well-prepared for training and a business career. By building a strong foundation of support and curriculum, the Goizuela Business School helps students gain confidence and work harder toward achieving their goals. A customized MBA curriculum allows students to explore various business options to find the best fit. In addition to the traditional classroom experience, there are over 90 electives and activities across 80 student clubs. This accredited business administration degree program in Georgia provides opportunities for international and research center experiences are also available to prepare for a successful career in business.

Dedicated to individualized training to achieve the best learning outcome, the MBA program can be completed in one of four methods:

Two-Year MBA – The Two-Year MBA allows students to complete all core coursework in the first semester. Once completed, students can then prepare for internships and paid positions by choosing the electives for the second semester that best match their career goals. Enrollment begins in late July and allows for a summer internship. In ten of the last 11 years, 100 percent of the Two-Year MBA students have received internship offers.

One-Year MBA – The One-Year MBA program is designed for students with substantial work experience – preferably with a business, economics or engineering degree. This 12-month curriculum is completed in three semesters and have full access to second-year electives immediately. This program offers the best value as graduates can complete their degree and return to the workforce within one year.

Evening MBA – This highly-ranked program prepares students for real-world situations and creates an environment conducive to typical work conditions. Evening classes allow students to maintain a daytime position while advancing their education at night. Side-by-side learning with peers and expert faculty help students deepen their knowledge in various functions and occupations. There are more than 20 concentrations and 90 electives to choose from for a tailored MBA experience.

Executive MBA – Emory University’s Goizueta Business School has been preparing qualified business executives for over 90 years. EU has a proven record across the globe with over 118,000 alumni in a multitude of industries and leadership roles. The curriculum provides for peer mentors and renowned faculty expertise and support throughout the program. Students learn skills that will complement the ever-changing landscape today’s business climate presents. In addition, graduates will strengthen their networking connections through the collective experiences of classmates and staff members for a lifetime of contacts and resources.


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There are many acclaimed institutions of higher learning with unique programs dedicated to preparing students for a career in business. By finding the right accredited business administration degree programs in Georgia, students will find premier leadership opportunities available to them in a multitude of industries.