Business Administration Degree Programs in Iowa

Accredited business administration degree programs in Iowa prepare students for many different careers in a variety of industries. In order to achieve success in the business world, there are many skills that are necessary regardless of the type of industry. Students who successfully complete business administration degree programs develop effective communication, decision making and ethical skills. They also develop knowledge in team building and organization. Business administration positions are also expected to grow between 13 and 23 percent over the next year.

Drake University

Drake University began more than 130 years ago by George T. Carpenter and Francis Marion Drake. Carpenter was a preacher and teacher while Drake was a Union general in the Civil War who became a railroad magnate and, eventually, Governor of Iowa. The college has always welcomed students of all races, with the first international students registered within five years of their founding. The college has many traditions that began early in their existence that still exist today including Street Painting, which is a way for members of student organizations to decorate sections of Carpenter Avenue, as well as the Drake Relays, which began in 1910 during a blizzard. The college even sponsors the “Beautiful Bulldog Contest” that draws pups and their proud owners from around the country. The winner of the contest becomes the official mascot of the Drake Relays. In addition to these interesting traditions, the college has a tradition of helping students succeed in whatever field of study they choose through excellent academics and programs.

College of Business and Public Administration

The College of Business and Public Administration is led by faculty that are not only educators, but accomplished entrepreneurs and leaders in the corporate world. Programs through the college are innovative and forward-thinking, with focuses on local, national and global businesses. There are many opportunities for students to earn paid internships throughout Des Moines, as well as internationally. Through services offered by the Wells Fargo Career and Professional Development Center, students are provided assistance with career planning even beyond the first job. The John Pappajohn Entrepreneurial Center provides guidance for those who are seeking to start their own business.

Business Studies

The undergraduate business studies program at Drake University is designed to prepare students for entry-level careers in business while preparing them to further their education at the graduate level should they choose to do so. The Business Studies major provides some advanced study in at least four different business disciplines, allowing students to customize their degree in various industries. Students must complete 15 hours of accounting, finance, management/entrepreneurial management and marketing with the remaining nine hours focused in one of those areas, as well as information systems, insurance and business law. Students usually take economics and accounting their freshman year. Their sophomore year they usually take business law and statistics while taking introductory courses in marketing, management, finance, insurance and information systems. The degree ends with a integrative course in business strategy.

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration at Drake University is designed to be completed in two years with classes available on nights and weekends as an added convenience to working professionals. The program allows students to build an extensive business network through their interaction with faculty, many of which are experts in their field of instruction. The Capstone course which ends the program allows students to put what they have learned into action, while the Dardis Communication Workshop provides students with the skills necessary to create and deliver persuasive presentations both in the academic and business world. Students must provide official transcripts from every college and university attended, a current professional resume, two recommendations and a typed, one-page essay regarding how the graduate program will benefit them. Official GMAT test scores are also required before admission into the program.


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Drake University College of Business & Public Administration
Aliber Hall
2507 University Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50311
Telephone: 515-271-3142

Iowa State University

Iowa State University began as Iowa Agricultural College and Model Farm in 1858 on a farm of 658-acres that was purchased for $5,379. The first building on the campus, The Farm House, was finished in 1861, and, in 1861, the Iowa legislature accepted the terms of the Morrill Act, making the college a land-grant university known as the Iowa Agricultural College. In 1898, the school became the Iowa State College of Agricultural and Mechanical Arts, making higher education available to everyone seeking advanced education in liberal and practical subjects. The school was a leader in agriculture, engineering, extension and home economics. In addition, the first veterinary medicine school began at Iowa State in 1879. In 1959, the school became the Iowa State University of Science and Technology, and the focus on technology has led to many patents and inventions through the school. Today, Iowa State University has an enrollment of 27,000 with agriculture, technology, science and art classes that are world-renowned.

College of Business

The College of Business at Iowa State University was established in 1984, although business has been taught at the university since the early 1920s. The Gerdin Business Building was completed in 2004 and is now the home of the College of Business, with state-of-the-art technology such as high-tech laboratories that allow students to learn in a real-world business setting. Faculty members are leaders in their field and the solid curriculum provides a business education on a multi-disciplinary, global level.

Master of Business Administration

The Iowa State University Master of Business Administration program helps students develop the skills necessary for them to be leaders in their industry. Each student is provided a customized program based on whether they are looking to rebrand, change industries, advance in their current position or create their own business. For admission into the full-time program, students must have at least a 3.4 undergraduate GPA and score above 600 on the GMAT. GPA requirements are 3.0 and GMAT scores above 500 are required for admission to the part-time MBA program. Students must provide official GMAT scores and transcripts in order to be admitted. In addition, the MBA program requires a resume, three letters of recommendation and a personal essay. Successful applicants are invited to a mandatory interview by faculty.


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Dr. Charles B. Handy
Graduate Programs Office
Iowa State University
1360 Gerdin Business Building
Ames, IA 50011
Telephone: 515-294-8118

The University of Iowa

The University of Iowa is one of the country’s top public research universities, known for its commitment to the arts, sciences and humanities. The school is located in Iowa City, widely recognized as one of the most livable communities in the United States. It is ranked as the sixth best college for military veterans according to U.S. News and World Report, while the full-time MBA program ranked 51st and the part-time program 31st of their kind on the U.S. News and World Report. Iowa City was ranked the fifth best college town in America by the American Institute for Economic Research in 2014.

Tippie College of Business

The Tippie College of Business are designed around principles of integrity, innovation and impact. The college is named for Henry B. Tippie, a native of Belle Plaine, Iowa. Mr. Tippie grew up on a farm, attending school in a one-room schoolhouse initially. He graduated from Belle Plane High School and entered the Air Force at the age of 17. The G.I. Bill allowed him to attend the University of Iowa after serving in the South Pacific with the 20th Air Force. He earned a BSC in accounting and began a career as an accounting in the Des Moines area. Mr. Tippie was instrumental in the purchase of the Orkin Exterminating Company when he was employed with John W. Rollins and Associates. Mr. Tippie is Chairman of the Board for Dover Motorsports, Inc. and Dover Downs Entertainment, Inc. In 1999, Mr. Tippie made a sizeable gift to the University of Iowa College of Business, and the business school was renamed in his honor.

Minor in Business Administration

The Tippie college of Business at the University of Iowa offers a minor in Business Administration program designed for students who are not majoring in business. Students must have at least 12 semester hours of coursework at the Tippie School of Business and an overall grade point average of 2.00 on all courses taken at the university. In order to complete the minor, students must take:

  • Calculus & Matrix Algebra for Business
  • Statistics for Business
  • Principles of Macroeconomics
  • Principles of Microeconomics
  • Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Introduction to Law
  • Introduction to Management
  • Business Computing Essentials
  • Introduction to Marketing Strategy
  • Introduction to Financial Management

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration is an online program created especially for students with family and work obligations that may prevent them from furthering their education. Students are challenged to become leaders in business with a focus on entrepreneurship, management techniques and problem solving. Students learn from nationally distinguished faculty online with the same resources as those who attend traditional classes on campus. Students must take between 22 and 32 semester hours of general education as well as additional courses totaling 120 semester hours.

MBA Program

The MBA Program at Tippie School of Business at the University of Iowa offers students real business problems as part of their learning experience. Students complete their foundation courses in the first semester and begin taking courses in their area of interest long before their internship. A core component of the MBA program is the exposure to international business practices as well. Students receive individualized attention, coaching and opportunities to help them develop the skills necessary to succeed in today’s business world.

Ph.D. Program in Management and Organization

Iowa’s Ph.D. program in Management and Organization focuses on the integral components to succeed in today’s organizations. Faculty are leaders in micro-organizational behavior and human resource management and many have gained international recognition for their research work and journal publications. The program is designed to train future scholars for positions in top research and teaching universities. Graduates have been placed in tenure-track positions at accredited universities worldwide. Admission to the program is highly competitive and only students who meet the qualifications will be offered admission to the program. Students must provide GMAT or GRE scores, as well as transcripts that show a qualifying GPA. Letters of recommendation and the candidate’s statement of purpose are also required.


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  • Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business


Henry D. Tippie College of Business
108 Pappajohn Business Building, Suite C120
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242-1994
Telephone: 319-335-0862

University of Northern Iowa

In 1866, an orphanage was established in Cedar Falls to provide a home for children affected by the Civil War. When it became apparent that the orphanage would soon be unnecessary as the children grew up and entered the world on their own, the location became the Iowa State Normal School, an educational facility dedicated to training teachers in 1876. Over the years, the school has been known by several names, including the Iowa State Teacher’s College and State College of Iowa until becoming the University of Northern Iowa. The school is still considered one of the best in the country for teacher education, and many of 90 programs available at the school rank highly among their counterparts at other universities.

College of Business Administration

The College of Business Administration at the University of Northern Iowa focuses on educating students in the area of business through the foundations of integrity and mutual respect. Students are provided the tools to live a stronger intellectual life and career fulfillment as well as enhanced well-being. The college believes that it is their duty to help all students live more fulfilling lives and provide job-ready academics at a demanding level. Students have the opportunity for internships, as well as the ability to join many student organizations that can help them succeed in their chosen careers.


The Management undergraduate degree at the College of Business at the University of Northern Iowa allows students to choose concentrations for their degree that include:

In addition, students may choose a double major or minor from the College of Business or any other college at the university.


The MBA program at the College of Business at the University of Northern Iowa is designed using input from students, faculty, alumni and business professionals. Students are provided an education that emphasizes academic excellence and is responsive to the needs of the students attending. The program can be customized to meet the needs of each students’ background and the time a student is able to commit to earning their advanced degree. Students must provide official transcripts as well as GMAT scores. A personal essay is required, and students whose native language is not English may have to submit TOEFL scores as well.


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University of Northern Iowa
1227 West 27th Street
Cedar Falls, IA 50614
Telephone: 319-273-2311

The need for those with business experience is expected to grow over the next ten years, which is why successfully completing accredited business administration degree programs in Iowa is highly recommended.