Business Administration Degree Programs in Montana

You don’t need to live in Montana to take classes through one of the accredited business administration degree programs in Montana. Thanks to the Internet, you now have the option of taking classes from home. Whether you attend classes online or on campus, you’ll love the experience you have and the skills you learn. Working in the business world requires a keen sense of how to lead smaller and larger teams, how to create goals and reach those goals and how to follow a budget. These business administration programs will teach you those skills and many others at both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Montana State University-Billings

College of Business

Montana State University-Billings opened as a normal school in the 1920s. Though the university only offered teaching certificates in its early years, it later added a few two-year degree programs. The popularity of those programs led to the school introducing Bachelor degree programs, and it now offers some advanced graduate degrees as well. Its beautiful campus in Billings covers more than 100 acres and has a convenient location that lets students easily commute from home or work to campus. While the university doesn’t have a national ranking, it ranks as one of the top public colleges in Montana.


The BSBA degree available through Montana State University-Billings is a 120 credit hour program that requires students complete general education courses, business classes and several electives. Also known as a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, the program asks that students take 31 credit hours of basic courses, including English, statistics and economics. Students also take eight credit hours of quantitative methods courses. Before entering the business administration major, students must take seven courses, including finite mathematics, principles of financial accounting and principles of macroeconomics, and receive a grade of C or better. Graduation also requires the successful completion of 39 credit hours of business courses and a minimum of 30 credit hours of courses relating to your concentration. Concentrations include accounting, finance and management. You might expect to take courses on business and professional writing, management information systems, applied business decisions, principles of managerial accounting and a capstone course.

Minor in Business Administration

Montana State University-Billings added a Minor in Business Administration to meet the needs of students not interested in earning a degree in the field. When you enroll in college, you need to take a certain number of electives to graduate, and many of the business administration courses that you take will count towards those electives. You must declare your minor to your advisor before taking any courses. This 30 credit hour minor includes two 400 or 500 level business classes that are worth a total of six credit hours. Required courses cover topics ranging from finance and economics to accounting and management information systems. All students minoring in the topic will take the same eight courses, which include management and organization, principles of financial accounting, principles of managerial accounting and business finance. Even if you don’t plan to attend graduate school, those courses can assist you when you open your own business or run an organization.


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1500 University Drive
Billings, Montana 59101-0245
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University of Montana

School of Business Administration

Known for offering some of the top accredited business administration degree programs in Montana, the University of Montana serves as the head campus of the school system by the same name. Established not long after Montana received state status from the federal government, the school educated some of the earliest pioneers and residents of the state. The university is now home to seven different colleges that let students major in topics relating to humanities, social sciences, engineering, business or dozens of other topics. UM gives its students the chance to take courses online and on one of its many campuses, and students can transfer the credits they earn on other campuses back into their degree programs.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

The Bachelor of Science in Business Administration at the University of Montana comes with six different concentrations or fields of study. When you enroll, you can choose between accounting, finance, international business, management information systems, management or marketing. Marketing students typically work in the advertising departments of major companies or for advertising companies, while accounting students often attend graduate school and later take the Certified Public Accountant Examination. Students take five or more courses that offer an introduction to the world of their concentration before taking nine credit hours or three courses on advanced topics. The 24 credit hours that students earn from those classes count towards the total 120 credit hours needed for graduation. The remaining courses needed include several electives and multiple general education courses. Those interested in gaining additional experience can apply for internships through the career center at the university.


The University of Montana founded its School of Business Administration in the late 1910s, but it took more than 60 years before the university added an MBA program. UM introduced a distance learning element to the program early on, which let students living further away from campus or in a different state to complete the program from home. That program now offers small classes on campuses and in different locations all across the state. Students also have the opportunity to take MBA courses online or to complete an entire degree online. While earning your degree, you can take courses to earn a certificate in entertainment management or entrepreneurship, and the university also offers three dual degree programs that let you complete an MBA and a degree in physical therapy, law or pharmacy. Many of the courses offered through the MBA program are available on campus during the day, but working students and those with other commitments can also take evening classes.


•Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)


32 Campus Drive
Missoula, MT 59812
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With several options available to you, you have the option of taking a few courses and minoring in business administration, taking business courses to earn an undergraduate degree or finishing your MBA. No matter which option you choose, it’s important that you look closely at the best accredited business administration degree programs in Montana.