Business Administration Degree Programs in Nevada

Having a high school diploma won’t take you very far in today’s modern business world, which is why so many students look for accredited business administration degree programs in Nevada. Whether you love living in a smaller community or the big city, you’ll find a program that lets you relax when not in school. As both Reno and Las Vegas offer business administration degree programs, you can choose between living in the heart of downtown Las Vegas or in a slightly smaller and more quiet area.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Lee Business School

Located in one of the suburbs near Las Vegas, the University of Nevada, Las Vegas campus covers several acres of land and is within walking distance of The Strip that runs through downtown. Founded as an extension of the University of Nevada, Reno in the 1950s, the first few classes of students originally met at the local high school. As the population grew, the school realized that it needed more space. Not only does it have its own separate campus today, but it also changed its name. Also known as UNLV, Washington Monthly gave it a ranking of 115 on its list of top U.S. schools.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Through its Lee Business School, UNLV offers a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Students have the option of choosing a concentration in economics, real estate, management information systems, accounting, management, entrepreneurship, marketing, finance or international business. Required courses for graduation include composition, constitution, humanities and life sciences. Students also take a minimum of 42 credit hours of business courses and electives to equal 120 credit hours of course work. Entrepreneurship students take courses designed to teach them how to build their own companies and run a business, while real estate students focus on the importance of buying and selling real estate and the ethics behind those transactions. Other concentrations let students focus specifically on the core area of business they hope to work in later. Internships in those fields are also available for students hoping to gain some real life experience in the business world.

Minor in Business Administration

Those studying business administration take courses that help them effectively lead workers, run a company and handle the management of a business. The skills learned in one of these programs also helps in other occupations and fields. UNLV understands that some students want to gain those skills without majoring in business, which is why it offers a minor in business administration. This program is only open to students majoring in a topic outside of those offered by the Lee Business School. Students take several introductory and basic business courses before declaring a concentration. Students will then take courses specifically designed for that concentration. If a student selects an economics concentration, some courses include microeconomics, macroeconomics, and the economics of different industries. Before declaring a minor, students must take those introductory business courses and meet with an advisor and a professor from the business department.

Master in Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration at UNLV lets students customize a program. The Executive MBA program is one of the more popular options. Most of the students enrolled in the program have some business experience or currently work in the business field. Classes meet at night, on weekends and during the day, which allows students to fit required courses around their schedule. UNLV also offers dual degree programs and combined programs that let students earn two graduate degrees in just a few years. Students can study medicine, law, management information systems or hotel administration at the same time that they complete their MBA. The basic 30 credit hour program requires all students to take 10 graduate level business administration courses. Some of those courses, including accounting for managers and financial decision making, cover finance topics. Other courses teach practical skills, including how to lead teams, invest for others and work with international companies.


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University of Nevada, Reno

College of Business Administration

The University of Nevada, Reno offers some of the top accredited business administration degree programs in Nevada. Founded in the 1870s, the college originally served as Nevada State University before changing its name to the University of Nevada. After opening a branch in Las Vegas, which later became a separate institution, the school changed its name once again to reflect its location. Both U.S. News and World Report and Washington Monthly listed the school as one of the top 200 American colleges, and Forbes also placed the school on its own list of the nation’s best college campuses.

Minor of Business Administration

Though the University of Nevada, Reno doesn’t offer an undergraduate degree in business administration, it does offer a minor in business administration. The courses that a student takes as a minor will assist in a graduate program, when working in the business field or when taking other business courses. Specifically designed for students majoring in a topic outside of the business world, it gives students a solid understanding of operating, managing and running a business. Some of its graduates now run their own companies, but other graduates work as managers and in management roles for leading companies and organizations. The program hopes that students will leave with the ability to manage others, organize the finances of a company and handle other administrative tasks. Students have the chance to take some unique courses on commercial gambling, including the state and federal laws that relate to casinos and the ethics of running a casino.

Graduate Minor in Business Administration

In addition to a Master of Business Administration, the University of Nevada, Reno offers a graduate minor in business administration. Designed for students coming from different backgrounds and disciplines, the program hopes to help students combine their interest in one topic with the ability to lead an organization. Though only a handful of students choose the minor in the first year the university introduced it, the number of students entering the program increased with each passing year. Students typically take some basic courses, including information and communications technology in organizations and changing environments of business before moving into the more advanced classes. As the university offers a number of concentration options, students have the chance to select their own concentration and take courses from that field.

Master of Business Administration

The Master of Business Administration at the University of Nevada, Reno is one of the best accredited business administration degree programs in Nevada. Bloomberg BusinessWeek picked the school’s program as one of the top of its type in the entire country, and the professors working in the program strive to improve the program each year. After enrolling in the program, students can select from several concentrations, including financial accounting, tax accounting, entrepreneurship, finance, information technology or renewable energy. Also known as focuses, the topic chosen relates to the courses taken later in the program. Students might take applied entrepreneurship and new venture creation after selecting an entrepreneurship focus, or might select a renewable energy focus and take courses on alternative energy fundamentals and renewable energy in the home and local community. Though a thesis isn’t required, students can take an internship or complete an independent study.


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No matter where you live in the country, you’ll find that a college degree can take your further. Whether you live in Nevada or live in another state, you might find that the best programs are available in the southwest. Accredited business administration degree programs in Nevada are available for new college students and those with some business experience.