Business Administration Degree Programs in North Dakota

Students searching for accredited business administration degree programs in North Dakota will find possibilities at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. As the nation’s fourth most sparsely populated state, North Dakota has plenty of room for big ideas. This Great Plains state has put its resources to good use in an economy driven by petroleum, agriculture, food processing, and technology. With the fastest-growing gross domestic product of all fifty states, North Dakota leads the country in job creation and enjoys the United States’ lowest unemployment rate. Such encouraging statistics suggest that new business graduates will discover lots of opportunities to flourish in North Dakota.

North Dakota State University

College of Business

Ranked among the top 108 universities in the country by the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education, North Dakota State University offers some 100 undergraduate degrees, more than 85 master’s degrees and 50 doctoral degrees through its nine academic colleges. Its College of Business provides undergraduate and graduate degrees in business administration, management, marketing, information systems, accounting and finance. Using a student-focused approach that encourages communication skills, technological proficiency, critical thinking and global awareness, the college strives to ensure students receive a thorough understanding of core business competencies and the opportunity to practice their skills through hands-on experiential learning activities.

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

Designed to prepare students to effectively compete in today’s complicated global business arena, the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration degree program at North Dakota State University dedicates the initial two years of the program to supplying students with a firm foundation of general knowledge. Classes in the humanities, technology, mathematics, communication and behavioral science are included. Later coursework continues to build on this foundation and familiarizes students with the practical functions of business in areas like accounting, finance, marketing and management. To complete their bachelor’s degrees, students need to earn 126 credits. This total is comprised of 40 credits in general education requirements, 14 credits in pre-College of Business requirements, seven credits of pre-business administration requirements, 56 credits of business administration requirements and six credits of appropriate electives. It is recommended that students complete a practicum course as part of their studies; the practicum provides hands-on experience and gives students a competitive edge as they begin their job hunts. Graduates of the program have gone on to positions in health services management, agribusiness, human resources management, purchasing, government administration, securities sales, retail marketing, bank and financial institution management, law enforcement and many more fields. Others have chosen to continue their education at the graduate level.

Minor in Business Administration

Understanding the basics of how business actually works is useful for virtually any professional. Intended for students whose major is in a different area, North Dakota State University’s Minor in Business Administration program is designed to extend the potential employment opportunities of students. In order to participate in this minor, students must be in their junior year with at least 60 credits accomplished and a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.50. Coursework covers topics like accounting basics, economic principles, business, finance, management and marketing. In order to earn this minor, students must complete at least 24 credits in approved coursework. They must also achieve at least a 2.50 grade point average in the coursework for the minor.

Master of Business Administration

Suitable for students from a wide range of undergraduate backgrounds, the Master of Business Administration Program at North Dakota State University offers students a broad understanding of how business organizations work while helping them develop strong analytical skills and solid expertise in key business competencies. Incorporating a mix of lecture, discussion, field research, case studies, and individual and group projects, the program’s required coursework ensures that students receive a general business education. Electives allow them to customize their studies.¬†Earning their master’s degrees requires students to complete 30 credits of graduate-level coursework. This includes 24 credits in required courses that cover topics like strategic management, financial management, strategic marketing management, organizational behavior, operations management, business conditions analysis, cost management and information resources management. The remaining six credits come from appropriate electives. After completing their degrees, students will be prepared to accept professional positions with businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and educational institutions.


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With a rapidly expanding economy that is bringing new wealth, new jobs, new companies and new ideas to the Midwest, North Dakota is rich in opportunity. The region’s colleges and universities are rising to the challenge of preparing students for success in this vibrant business environment. People searching for accredited business administration degree programs in North Dakota will find programs worth exploring.