5 Best Jobs in Human Resources

Five Great Human Resources Careers

  • Compensation and Benefits Manager
  • Human Resources Consultant
  • Executive Recruiter
  • Human Resources IT Specialist
  • Training and Development Manager

Human resources specialists are the primary point of communication between a business and its employees and prospective employees, and since there are so many different reasons for contact, there are a variety of fulfilling human resources careers. These individuals need excellent communication skills as well as the ability to collect and analyze data in order to objectively measure specific training and performance metrics. Some job titles for human resources professionals are listed below.

1. Compensation and Benefits Manager

This human resources position leads the teams that manage employees’ salaries, insurance, and paid time off. Based on industry trends and the financial structure of the particular organization, these professionals determine the most appropriate payroll system including scheduling and determination of raises. The other side of this job involves choosing employee benefits including health insurance and retirement packages. Benefits managers balance the interests of the employee and the company, finding the best plans at the lowest cost.

2. Human Resources Consultant

This is one of the best jobs in human resources for professionals who like independence and variety in their career. Consultants fulfill two primary roles in human resources. First, some are experts in the field with a great deal of experience, and they do an evaluation of a company’s existing HR department. They then make recommendations for process changes to increase efficiency and minimize costs. Other times, businesses choose to completely outsource their HR departments to consultants.

3. Executive Recruiter

Many of these positions also have some degree of independence as executive recruiters usually work for a variety of companies and are hired to find the ideal candidate for a particular job. These positions are usually top-level management jobs, but other professional industries, like medicine and law, also utilize the services of a recruiter. This is an ideal job for HR professionals who are very well connected and form new relationships easily.

4. Human Resources IT Specialist

One of the fastest-growing fields in human relations, the IT specialty, is also one of the newer fields of HR. This came about partly because a growing number of companies are allowing and even encouraging employees to work remotely. Many of these specialists have extensive knowledge of computer programming and networking and can build applications including payroll systems and time clocks. They also design databases for human resources departments and help analyze employee data.

5. Training and Development Manager

Focusing on employee education, this HR manager works with a team to design training modules for new employees, also introducing them to the organization’s culture. Training does not stop there, though, as many organizations offer continuing education programs for their employees. According to Forbes, some of the most popular training sessions include lunch and learns, cross-training opportunities, and presentations by nutrition and mental health experts.

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Individuals who enjoy personal interaction and building teams will excel in all fields of human resources, especially if they also possess strong leaderships and communication skills. Professionals can look to their other interests and areas of expertise to help decide on the best jobs in human resources for them.