5 Common Characteristics of Entrepreneurs

Five Entrepreneur Characteristics That Every Professional Has

  • Resourcefulness
  • Passionate
  • Authoritative
  • Organized
  • Extroverted

Building a business is an exciting prospect; managing a team, building a product line, and interacting with consumers are a great way to achieve career goals. However, becoming an entrepreneur is not as simple as just earning a degree from a reputable business school; there are some things that come naturally to these ambitious individuals. Below is a list of five common characteristics that professionals in this field tend to emulate.

1. Resourcefulness

The most common characteristic of entrepreneurs is resourcefulness. This is because entrepreneurs are building businesses from the ground up and they need to accumulate all of their resources, including vendors and investors, on their own. This takes grit and determination on the part of the entrepreneur and also requires a great deal of patience; sometimes business deals fall through. However, a resourceful entrepreneur will be able to take everything that comes their way in stride in order to create the business they have always wanted.

2. Passionate

Passionate entrepreneurs are the best businesspeople in the industry; these professionals are dedicated to their mission and are focused on achieving their goals. They also tend to be quite charismatic, imbuing their discussions with like-minded individuals with an infectious passion that drives them forward in business. Passion also ensures that these professionals never lose sight of their goal; whether its helping makes investments easier for millennials or creating a social network to bring creatives together, every entrepreneur uses this common characteristic to great effect.

3. Authoritative

An entrepreneur who is authoritative is the kind of boss that every employee wants to work for, especially for a small business. This is a common trait in these professionals because authority over the business and the particular niche that a company is focusing on is necessary in order to build a successful venture. This is why so many entrepreneurs choose to build a business in a field in which they have a vast wealth of knowledge. This enables them to work as experts in the field, providing solutions to problems they have encountered through their careers, as well as either advance the field or contribute to it in another meaningful way.

4. Organized

Organization is a characteristic that is considered a necessity for successful entrepreneurs. From managing money to ensuring that product launches go smoothly, most professionals have learned early on that organization can go a long way in business. And since most entrepreneurs build businesses from scratch with no infrastructure, it is up to them to stay disciplined and on task while building their company. This generally means long nights, early mornings, a schedule full of meetings and calls, and more; staying organized is one of the best ways for an entrepreneur to stay sane.

5. Extroverted

Entrepreneurs tend to demonstrate the extrovert characteristic a lot, but it doesn’t mean that all of these professionals are extroverted. In fact, many entrepreneurs may be reserved in their personal lives. In business, however, they move out of their comfort zone in order to make business deals, network, and work to build partnerships with like-minded companies. Because entrepreneurs are most often the first face of their brand, they work to showcase themselves as bright and passionate people who love spending time with people and working on their company. While extroverts are the most visible entrepreneurs, introverts are rising in the business sector and have found different ways to succeed in business, as demonstrated in this article by Entrepreneur.

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Becoming an entrepreneur requires skills that can be self-taught or developed in a business school, but it also requires a few key inherent characteristics. This is because starting a business requires a lot of discipline and self-motivation. The above five characteristics are the most common in entrepreneurs; if an individual has two or more, they may be perfect for this exciting field.