5 Conferences for Non-Profit Management in 2017

Non-profit management is an evolving field. The increasing competition for grants, trained employees and passionate volunteers means you need to stay on your toes to keep your non-profit running smoothly. Conferences for non-profit management looking to sharpen skills are taking place throughout 2017. This list of five upcoming conferences includes the nation’s largest non-profit conference as well as smaller, specialized gatherings for training in fund-raising, legislative involvement and technology.

Service Unites Conference on Volunteering and Service

If you’re involved with non-profit administration, sooner or later you’re going to work with AmeriCorps volunteers. This federal program provides full-time volunteers for non-profit organizations willing to offer mentorship in exchange for affordable labor. As a non-profit manager, you may find yourself responsible for hiring, supervising and training these volunteers. The Service Unites conference is your chance to learn more about the AmeriCorps program, meet current volunteers and attend dedicated sessions for non-profit leaders. As one of the world’s largest non-profit conferences, Service Unites offers so many relevant sessions and events for your organization. In 2017, the conference will take place in Seattle, WA, from June 19-21.

ARNOVA’s 45th Annual Conference

For cutting-edge research on volunteer engagement, donor retention and non-profit management strategies, the Association for Research on Non-profit Organizations and Voluntary Action (ARNOVA) is a one-stop clearinghouse. At their 45th annual conference, you will learn how public policy and private philanthropy are changing and how your organization can stay current. You’ll meet with researchers, educators and other non-profit administrators to during three days of seminars, networking events and poster and paper presentations. You can also attend special sessions on garnering feedback from your community, working with consultants, effectively communicating your organization’s purpose in writing and how to interact with local and state government officials. This year, ARNOVA is meeting in Washington, D.C., so plenty of federal-level agencies and national NGOs will be represented. Registration closes on April 4, and the conference will be November 17-19.

Non-Profit Technology Conference

Technology is an increasingly important tool for non-profit organizations. Even if you focus on animal welfare or health and human services, you’re still using email, computers and software systems for donor contacts, volunteer management and logistics. The 17NTC brings you more than 100 sessions on how to put technology to work for your organization. This year’s conference is in Washington, D.C., from March 23-25.

International Fundraising Conference

Non-profit administrators are always involved in fundraising, even if you’re not part of the development team. The 2017 International Fundraising Conference in San Francisco, CA, brings you everything you need to know about building strong donor relationships, finding new donors and keeping funds active. It’s perfect for seasoned fundraisers and newly hired managers looking to broaden their knowledge base. Five days of pre-conference trainings start on April 28, and the official conference will be April 30-May 2.

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Cause Camp 2017

This high-energy gathering crams a full-scale conference in two days. Held in Lincoln, Nebraska on March 27 & 28, Cause Camp delivers speakers from marketing, human psychology and non-profit management backgrounds. They don’t just lecture; instead, they inspire you to make change in your organization. If you’re unable to attend, you can also view the 2-day live stream online.

Whether you want to brush up on your technology skills or network with thousands of non-profit leaders, you can find the perfect conference. With these five options, you’ll definitely have a way to use your 2017 training budget. The hardest part might be picking just one of these conferences for non-profit management!