5 Great Blogs About Personal Finance

While the national economy remains in recovery mode, many Americans are checking out blogs about personal finance in hopes that they can make their small pay checks stretch further. These blogs are written by professional financial managers as well as by people who want to help others avoid money pitfalls by sharing their personal finance successes and failures.

Here are five popular personal finance blogs that are relevant to people of all ages and professions.

#1 The Digerati Life

The author of the Digerati Life is based out of California’s Silicon Valley, and her articles offer money management tips with a technology flavor. One of the goals of the blog is to create a community of like-minded people who want to continuously learn how to increase their incomes, manage their funds and invest their money for steady growth.

Popular articles on the blog include ones about frugality and budgeting, investing for retirement and creating new streams of income.

The Digerati Life also gives real-life examples of ways to handle financial emergencies without causing major financial disasters. Some examples include postponing planned purchases, selling unwanted items for extra cash and smart ways to use debt as a last resort.

#2 Money Crashers

Although many U.S. companies reportedly target young college graduates when they recruit new hires, there does not seem to be enough decent-paying jobs available for the large supply of people in their 20s who graduate from the nation’s universities. Subsequently, this demographic must use all of the resources at their disposal to help make their current and future financial situations more secure.

Some blogs about personal finance such as Money Crashers focus on personal financial management for people who are just beginning their careers. Some of the most salient pointers offered by Money Crashers is to live free of debt, create emergency savings and become more knowledgeable about major purchases such as homes and cars.

A common hurdle for many new college graduates is student loan debt. Money Crashers encourages its audience to look for other ways to fund educational products, and they offer information about finding financial resources for higher education.

#3 The Frugalwoods

The Frugalwoods personal finance blog is a fun, informative account of a husband and wife who are on a quest for financial self-sufficiency through the use of sustainable living strategies and tactics. The couple recently decided to rent their city dwelling and move to a Vermont homestead to raise their family. Their personal financial management tips are based upon their own real-life experiences about how to live well yet simply. A common theme on The Frugalwoods blog is to insource instead of outsource everyday tasks. The blog is especially helpful for parents who opt to care for their children at home instead of sending them to expensive daycare facilities.

#4 Financial Samurai

The Financial Samurai is a personal finance blog that promotes financial independence through positive mental attitude, creative income generation, disciplined money management and investment knowledge. Contrary to the advice that is given on many blogs about personal finance, the Financial Samurai does not encourage total deprivation of life’s pleasures, but it offers advice about how to indulge smartly. For example, readers can learn about low-cost travel options as well as easy ways to stay on budget when they have to pay their own way during their adventures.

#5 Good Financial Cents

Good Financial Cents is one of those blogs about personal finance that encourages its readers to take action when it comes to managing their personal finances. The blog’s author does this by creating specialized campaigns that challenge readers to collectively pay off specified amounts of their personal debt, obtain life insurance and invest in themselves. Besides these campaigns, Good Financial Cents includes sound personal financial management tips about savings and investments. The blogger is also a certified financial planner.


Managing personal finance has traditionally been looked upon as a tedious but necessary set of activities that include generating budgets, spend plans and savings objectives. The myriad digital publications, financial management tools and blogs about personal finance that are now available to people everywhere make successful money management achievable and almost fun.

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