5 Great Business Jobs for Statisticians

5 In-Demand Statistician Careers in Business

  • Research Assistant
  • Investment Analyst
  • Meteorologist
  • Business Analyst
  • Education

A statistician has quite a few choices available when it comes to today’s job market, with at least five great business opportunities available for statisticians. Individuals who are statistics majors find themselves presented with a wide range of jobs, ranging from working with research teams to being business analysts.

Statisticians are often individuals who are driven by a passion for numbers and who are always looking to spot patterns that might not be immediately apparent to others. For this reason, they can be found in practically any area where one might encounter numbers and data analysis.

1. Research Assistant

A research assistant works with a team, gathering data and analyzing it, usually within a laboratory setting or as part of a social science study. Some research assistants also work within the financial sector, analyzing trends and studying patterns inside different financial institutions. This is a great job for a statistician looking to be involved in some of the most exciting research currently being investigated.

2. Investment Analyst

Investments make up a tremendous part of many financial portfolios, and statisticians are a valuable addition to investment firms. By studying the data of different companies and individuals, they can help steer a course towards retirement security. According to an article in Forbes, statisticians are one of the highest salaried fields.

3. Meteorologist

Statisticians looking to think outside the box might consider investigating becoming a meteorologist. Studying the trends in climate change and seasonal shifts, they take the statistics from previous years and extrapolate the most likely scenarios for present-day weather and climate conditions. This is a great job for statisticians who enjoy both science and math.

4. Business Analyst

STATtr@k, the website of the American Statistical Association, pointed out that individuals with degrees in statistics might well consider looking at mixing their passion for numbers with the needs of businesses. The more a business has solid analysis available, the more likely it is that intelligent decisions can be made based on whatever data is supplied. Statisticians can become an integral part of any business organization, helping it to run smoothly and efficiently.

5. Education

An article in The New York Times about a statistician, William S. Sanders, dealt with the area of teacher-assessment methods. He developed a model designed to determine the “best” teachers when it came to individuals able to raise test scores of students. Today, statisticians in education are able to use their abilities to help determine which areas a student needs the most help in, as well as which schools are operating below a designated standard level. Using the statistical data, programs and curriculum changes can be implemented, designed to produce the most favorable results for both educators and students.

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While it might, at one time, have seemed to be a field that was dull and boring, individuals who pursue degrees in statistics find themselves at the center of many cutting-edge opportunities. Statisticians are now found in just about every conceivable area of business, as well as society as a whole. With so many great business jobs available for statisticians, there is likely a perfect match for anyone looking to combine a love of statistics with just about any other passion.