5 Great Careers for Real Estate Agents

5 Fantastic Real Estate Agent Jobs

  • Landscape Designer
  • Writer
  • Property Manager
  • Property Maintenance Supervisor
  • Consultant

Whether looking for additional income, a retirement gig, or simply a slight change of profession, there are plenty of great careers for real estate agents to branch out into. Real estate work involves communications, an eye for property attributes and values, problem-solving skills, flexibility, and more. These skills are always applicable in other great professions.

1. Landscape Designer

Landscape and its design and maintenance are a key part of the knowledge-base of many realtors. This is because the exterior area is widely known as an extremely important factor in property appeal and ultimately, successful sales. As a result, this knowledge is easily transferable to the role of a successful landscape designer today. Here, duties include things like helping customers create beautiful curb appeal, creating and installing modern landscaping designs, and helping to lift property values and spirits alike.

2. Writer

For those with a knack for writing, this itself can be an excellent way in which to divert and apply some of that expanse of real estate knowledge in a new way. Freelance work is typically full of opportunities in article-writing for real estate purposes. Countless magazines, newspapers, and websites all regularly call on writers knowledgeable in real estate matters. For anyone with certain health, transportation, or other restrictions, much of this type of work can be done from home, and thus can make for an ideal arrangement.

3. Property Manager

Property managers are the professionals who oversee entire properties and communities. These managed properties can include any type of outdoor spaces and/or structures used for commercial, residential, recreational, or even industrial purposes. Typically however, property managers oversee suites of rental properties used for housing or commercial business.

Real estate workers are often ideal in this role because of their understanding of many of the elements to properties, their value, upkeep, and so on. Duties for a property manager include making rental decisions, overseeing maintenance, interacting with current residents and renters, and much more. An above-average, 10 percent growth rate also beckons many to this job today, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

4. Property Maintenance Supervisor

Working directly under the above-mentioned property manager at most rental enterprises is a property maintenance supervisor. This professional oversees a property maintenance department and all of its efforts in maintaining the property on a daily basis. Not all real estate agents transfer to this role easily, but those with some additional understanding of building systems such as plumbing, HVAC, and electric often find great success here.

5. Consultant

Finally, consultation is a great alternate career choice for real estate agents. In the role of a professional consultant, an agent can spread their knowledge and individual expertise and make money doing it. Any number of businesses and endeavors can find themselves in need of real estate know-how. Whether it’s a filmmaker, a moving and relocation service, or even one of the above-mentioned professionals in need of some extra knowledge and guidance, there is always the necessity for this knowledge in short and long-term projects alike.

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Real estate work exposes the worker therein to a wide array of incredibly useful skills and knowledge. Going on to then apply this ability elsewhere can truly be a great choice for many. These five careers for real estate agents are just a handful of the many out there just as wonderfully interrelated.