5 Great Careers in Business Consulting

5 Top Business Consulting Jobs

  • Advertising Consultant
  • Human Resources Consultant
  • Management Consultant
  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Safety Consultant

Careers in business consulting are perfect for business graduates who have excellent communication and analytical skills. This is a highly-flexible field that offers a broad range of career opportunities. Although the options are actually quite numerous, the following five career options are definitely worth considering for those who would like to obtain positions in business consulting.

1. Advertising Consultant

Advertising is one of the most important aspects of any business’ marketing plan. Advertising consultants can work for various advertising firms but are most often independent contractors who are employed by a variety of businesses to help them in the area of advertising and promotion. Common responsibilities of persons who choose these business consulting careers include determining advertising and promotion needs, designing fresh advertising and promotion campaigns, and locating potential media outlets for marketing purposes.

2. Human Resources Consultant

To ensure that businesses hire the best persons for any available positions in their companies, they often employ the help of human resources consultants. These professionals can work independently or in-house and are responsible for such tasks as examining existing HR programs, suggesting changes to current programs, redesigning staff structure, and creating HR training programs. According to information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, positions in this field are expected to grow by about seven percent over the next few years.

3. Management Consultant

Careers in business consulting that involve managing the financial affairs and organizational designs of large and small businesses are known as management consultants. Management consultants help companies solve specific financial and organizational problems by analyzing internal and external data, interviewing staff members and clients, formulating effective resolutions to problems, and discussing possible solutions with business owners, managers, and supervisors.

4. Recruitment Consultant

Much like HR consultants, recruitment consultants can work in-house or independently; however, they also often work for various recruitment services companies. These professionals work closely with the managers and owners of businesses to determine their needs related to human resources. After determining these needs, they then locate potential candidates and match their abilities with open job positions. Recruitment consultants also advise clients on such things as job descriptions, training requirements, salary ranges, and benefit packages.

5. Safety Consultant

Careers in business consulting that focus on safe environments in the workplace are known as safety consultants. The main goal of safety consultants is to ensure that businesses are complying with all local, state, and federal laws pertaining to safety in the workplace. They accomplish this by performing inspections of the work environment, providing a list of safety issues to management, suggesting solutions to safety issues, conducting safety classes for employees, and developing company safety manuals.

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Organizations of all sizes rely on the expert advice of business consultants every day. This is a large field that offers a broad range of flexible career options for business grads. From human resources and recruitment to management and advertising, there are many great careers in business consulting.