5 Great Professional Organizations for Entrepreneurs

5 Entrepreneur Professional Organizations

  • Entrepreneurs’ Organization
  • FoundersCard
  • National Federation of Independent Business
  • Startup Grind
  • Ashoka

There are many options to help your ideas come to life or to aid your business venture with these five great professional organizations for entrepreneurs. From discounts that save you money to networking opportunities, it is essential to join a group of like-minded people to advance your brand and to stay informed.

1. Entrepreneurs’ Organization

Established in 1987, this global enterprise spans across 54 countries with local chapters to join. Members must make at least $1 million annually for individuals. Venture-backed companies should make $2 million a year privately or $5 million a year publicly with at least 10 employees. The application process is vigorous and includes an evaluation, interview, and training program. Once accepted, the organization offers access to local, regional, and global events. They also provide leadership training courses, mentorship programs, and connections to other entrepreneurs and businesses for possible collaborations and advisory positions.

2. FoundersCard

This membership serves as a passport to perks and discounts that assist with travel, hotel accommodations, and shopping expenses. Elite amenities include pre-check in at the airport, car rental loyalty benefits, and access to premier lounges. Web site software and electronic discounts help businesses save money as well, easily returning the initial membership fee of $495/with referral or $595/no referral. The organization holds networking events throughout the year with over 25,000 members on the invitation list.

3. National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

The NFIB is a U.S.-based advocate association that deals with legal aspects of small-business legislation. Membership includes access to a legal center that informs entrepreneurs of regulations, research, and laws pertaining to small business. Every member gets to vote on the non-profit’s position on policies and contribute to the organization’s stance on an issue. It also assists members with attorney services, employee handbooks, and tax filing. The modest membership starts at $195 and includes various discounts like software programs, office equipment, and health insurance.

4. Startup Grind

This community-driven professional organization for entrepreneurs helps new innovators and startups connect and network. They host large conferences each year, which provides exhibit space, access to investors, website branding, and mixer events. The top exhibits get invited to join their startup program, which includes pitch training, conference branding, connections to investors, social media recognition, newsletter highlights, and possible inclusion as a panelist for pitch sessions. Four tickets for exhibitors cost $2,395 and your company must be under 20 employees and have less than $3 million in funding.

5. Ashoka

This social fellowship program helps entrepreneurs with world-changing ideas that aid in global welfare. For over 35 years, Askoka has accepted innovators as life-long partners into their program. They invest in transformative projects and help them succeed through financial and strategic support. Their selection process is intuitive and intensive as they look for people already on the path toward creating social change. There is an open partnership option to join the network, a fellowship recommendation form, a volunteer program, and ways to donate to certain causes.

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As a business or start up, you need support in the form of funding and exposure. Finding the resources needed to thrive in a competitive world can be difficult alone, so use these five great professional organizations for entrepreneurs to increase your chance of success.